10 Years:Time for Love Book 5(57)

By: Bethany Lopez

I met James in my Religious Exploration class last semester. We sat next to each other on the first day, and have been hanging out sporadically ever since. She’s a hard person to tie down. She doesn’t like making plans or having relationships that involve commitment or planning. She’s my polar opposite, and that’s probably why I enjoy hanging out with her. She brings out a totally different side of me. When I’m with her I’m free of responsibility, it’s a nice feeling.

When I pulled on my tight jeans and low-cut blouse, I smiled at the way my assets were displayed. I certainly never filled out jeans this well when I was a size four. I kind of enjoyed the ass and boobs that came from bearing a child. Some of the perks, I guess.

After my eyes were perfectly smoky and my hair was flat-ironed until it couldn’t get any straighter, I headed out the door to meet James.


Thanks to the readers for allowing me to write the kind of books that I need to write. This one was the most difficult book I’ve ever written. It was an emotional journey for me, thanks for sharing it!

Thanks to the Rockin’ Ladies who Beta read this book for me: Kristi Strong, Megan Toffoli, Erin Danzer, and Autumn from the Autumn Review.

To the people I can’t without: Kristina Circelli my editor, Karen at White Hot Formatting, my formatter, and to the incomparable, Allie Brennan at B Design, for coming up with the concept for the Time for Love series covers. They’re perfect!

Thanks to Raine, for helping me through this one. Not just technically, but emotionally.

Hugs and a Big Thanks to my Street Team, Bethany’s Bombshell. Thanks for all the support.

Finally, to my family, who even though they sometimes have to pry me away from the computer, always show me their full love and support.

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