Loving Lily

By: Pamela Ann

Chapter One


Life had a funny way of reminding a mere mortal how precious it was by just sitting in the hospital waiting area. It let one absorb all the cold, immaculate white walls; the hush tones of medical personnel discussing another person’s unfortunate circumstances; the blatant, worrisome faces that marred the people, silently praying for a miracle on the other side of those swinging double doors, where humans played with fate.

As I waited there with my mother and Lily, we all held each other’s hands. Entwined with worry and bound by our love of my father whose life was hanging on a precipice, we found ourselves hoping he’d gather enough strength to push through the life-changing operation.

Looking over at my loving wife’s beautiful face, I didn’t need for her to tell me what other worries she had in that gorgeous head of hers—being there, in the same hospital where I had fought my own fate and she had lost our baby. There were times when I blamed myself for the unfortunate circumstance, but every time it happened, I told myself the car accident hadn’t been my fault, either. It was just one of those things that life had thrown our way, a sick joke if you will. It had toyed with our minds and emotions, just wanting to see how far it could push us, how strong we could be. After making it through those things, I tried to convince myself that Lily and I were young, and one of these days, we were likely to conceive since we hadn’t really been meticulous when it came to protection. We were leaving it to chance and praying it granted us a baby.

Gripping Lily’s hand harder than before, I saw her give me a saddened smile before she lifted our entwined hands, leaving a soft kiss on the back of my own, sending her love in her own cute way.

Looking over at her, I had one of those moments when I wondered how in the world it had taken me this long to go after her. All my life, I knew she and I were bound to be together. Maybe it was the rebellious part of me that wanted to prove something to her and my parents, that I could very well choose my own partner—my wife. However, it was hard to resist her when she looked so unattainable, so distant, and so fucking sexy that I simply couldn’t get her out of my head. It was as if her immediate, hateful resistance of me brought out the man I was trying to hide from her in all that time. She brought out the possessive, dominant side, leaving nothing until I fully had her, writhing and moaning my name. Until she fully knew herself that she belonged to me, not that Jared fella or any other man, only me—Drake Tatum.

I never considered myself an overly possessive man, but once Lily came back into my life, well … Let’s just say she gave me a run for my money. She scared me shitless when she announced her pregnancy. Up until then, I hadn’t really considered fatherhood that seriously. Of course, I knew I wanted to be a father someday, but there was nothing more daunting than having that thought brought to your attention in such a manner—surprise pregnancies. I was almost one hundred percent sure had the very same reaction as most men out there who weren’t ready to become daddies.

But, after Lily’s miscarriage, I had never been more enthusiastic at the thought of having my own child, my own flesh and blood. Made from our love and devotion, a baby that was half hers and half mine. It couldn’t get any better than that.

Hearing her melancholy sigh, I leaned over to whisper into her ear, “Can I get you anything? Water? Coffee perhaps?”

She gave me a wan smile. “I’m fine. How about your mom?” She directed my mother a consoling look. “Can Drake get you anything to drink?”

“Coffee will do.” Her worrisome eyes looked haunted. “I think I might need an extra boost to wait out Hugh’s operation. I don’t need myself falling asleep.”

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