Dirty Bad Strangers(103)

By: Jade West

I’d been nervous in practice, non-committal, but on stage it was different. I was ready.

I tugged at the ribbon of my babydoll, letting my tits fall free with only nipple tassels for modesty. The crowd roared, urging me on as the beat picked up. I was dancing, free, alive...

The heat of a hundred pairs of eyes burned hot on my skin, but my eyes were all for Jason. I knew where he was, I could feel him there.

I could feel his dirty friends, too, feel the pulse of their dicks in their jeans as they drooled over the promise of what was to come.

My dirty Jason and his dirty fantasies... my dirty fantasies... our dirty fantasies.

I couldn’t get enough.

A final twirl and the crowd were on their feet. Applause and whistles, and the heady musk of sex in the air.

Club Explicit. Haven for dirty bad people just like us.

I loved it here.

“I loved it,” I buzzed. “I loved being on stage here, Jason. Loved it!”

He teased at my tassels, his kiss hot and needy as he claimed me from the stage. “Ok, dirty girl, the answer’s yes.”

“Yes?!” I gushed. “You mean it?”

“You convinced me.” He held out a membership card, all shiny and gold with my name on it. “We are officially VIP members of Club Explicit, Gemma Taylor, for the next three months, at least.”

I jumped up and down, bursting with excitement, until there was a but... a big fucking but.

I stopped moving, deadpan. “What do you mean, there’s a but?”

“I got a call today, from my agent.”

My breath hitched. “The Singers? They’re offering you another contract?”

He shook his head. “Not the Singers...” He wrapped me in strong arms, a wicked smile on his face. “I’ve been offered a season in the MLS. Los Angeles Stars. It’s soccer time, dirty girl, say you’ll come.”

“You want me to come to L.A. with you?!”

“Unless you have anything better planned.”

I pretended to think it through. “...I think I can just about fit you in.”

“I know you can fit me in, Gemma. The question is... how many of my filthy friends can you accommodate at the same time?”

The rush of excitement came to rest firmly between my thighs.

I took my Jason’s hand tight in mine. “Let’s go and find out...”



The Dirty Bads really wouldn’t be what they are without an awesome team behind me, and amazing people to get the word out. I thank you all, so much!

In particular I’d like to thank, as always, my editor John Hudspith. Johnny, you really did pull out all the stops for this one, and your contribution has been ridiculously awesome. Thank you so much!

Tracy, my tireless PA – wow! You really deliver. Thank you so much for everything. You make me smile every day.

My street team ladies, thank you so much for your tireless support. Special thanks to Lesley and Michelle for co-ordinating the team and making sure everything runs smoothly, I appreciate you both so much.

Letitia Hasser, of RBA Designs – thank you millions for another awesome cover and branding. You are amazing.

There are so many bloggers, authors and readers that have supported me over the months with the Dirty Bads, you are all so important to me, and all so appreciated! I’m in awe of the Indie community - it’s a truly exceptional scene, and I’m grateful to be a part of it. Thank you, everyone!

Family, friends, writerly buddies… you all know you mean the world to me. Couldn’t do any of this without you. <3

I think I’ll stop here since this isn’t an Oscar’s acceptance speech, and I have been known to gush a little in my time! :D

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