Dirty Bad Strangers(5)

By: Jade West

I’m a really good chatline operator.

I hit my bonus every single week, so much so that I got my post-probationary model photos three months early. Lucy has a face. A very pretty face, it’s just not mine. I sometimes wonder who the blonde girl sitting on the side of a bathtub with her legs spread wide really is. Someone like Chelsea, most likely.

My first caller’s notes flashed up on screen just before the handset rang, but his notes said only ‘quick’. They were right. A couple of sweet nothings from me and a few grunts from him and he was gone, already well on his way by the time he’d trawled the menu. Next up was Kevin. Kevin likes to wear women’s panties. He likes you to tell him what a naughty little girl he is, then make him put his hand down his frilly knickers and play with his cock until he soils them. Kevin doesn’t take long, ten minutes tops, not even long enough for a call bonus, but he calls five nights out of seven without fail. A steady Eddie, is Kevin.

“Fuck, Kevin, that’s so horny. What colour panties are you wearing? Your pink ones? Me too, Kevin, let’s be dirty together... That’s right, Kevin, you dirty little girl, put those filthy fingers in those cute little knickers for me... work your sweet little pussy, Kevin, and tell me how naughty you are... shit, I’m coming, Kevin... you’ve made me so fucking wet for you... that’s my good girl...”

It’s rare that a caller really gets you off, especially with supervisors eavesdropping at semi-regular intervals. For me there were only a couple that could make the grade. One in particular.

I kept an eye on the time as the clock approached two. My Mr One-In-Particular, Jason, wouldn’t call tonight. I’d already told him I was taking the night off. He’d grumbled like stink, telling me how Saturday night was the one night he could really unwind. Like he didn’t let it all hang out every other night. Fuck, we both did.

Jason was my secret pleasure. My dirty, filthy, horny secret pleasure. The voice that got me hot, got me wet, got me fingering my clit for real every night of the week.

I ploughed my attention into another few short calls to distract myself, faking orgasm after orgasm like a professional until my messenger window flashed at two a.m.

RS335 Sheena: I’m going to call it a night if you’re good? Should start easing up now. Thanks for your help, I appreciate it.

I smiled to myself.

RS443 Gemma: Sure thing. Sweet dreams. Catch you tomorrow.

Sheena always logs out in the early hours. She has young kids and an early start. It means one thing: from two a.m. most mornings I’m without a supervisor. Nobody listening in, nobody doing quality control over my conversation topics, and nobody to make sure I adhere to the confidentiality guidelines.

I’d been encouraging Jason to call after two for the past few weeks. Stupid, and ridiculous, but I couldn’t help myself.

I doubt he’d call tonight, though. I’d told him I was out.

I watched Sheena’s status switch to offline and settled down for my next call. It came in at 2:02. My screen took a while to refresh, leaving me without prompters when I picked up the line, but it turns out I didn’t need them.

“Who’s a dirty little liar?”

My heart sped up. “I had a change of plan.” I shifted in my seat, letting my thighs fall open on instinct. “I was hoping you’d call...”

“Bet you say that to all your callers...” His voice was so familiar, the gravelly tone thick with need. His accent was hard to place, deep and clear, with maybe a hint of cockney.

“Maybe, but I don’t usually mean it...”

“Thought you’d be throat-deep on a nice fat cock somewhere. What happened?”

I contemplated lying, but he knew me too well. It’s as crazy as it sounds, that someone you’ve never met can know you like that. He didn’t know my real name, but it turns out real names don’t mean shit. We’d been talking for over two months, a few nights a week at first, then more. So much more. Sheena had warned me in the early days, telling me to keep my hopes realistic. A lot of these mega callers go quiet after a few weeks, she said, once their phone gets barred by their network or their wives find the phone bill. They rack up a bill they can’t pay, and it takes them a long, long while to come back for more.

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