Dirty Bad Strangers(6)

By: Jade West

But not Jason. Jason just kept on coming.

I knew everything and nothing when it came to the man. All his filthy fantasies, all the dirty things that made him hard. His quirky little ways, his dry humour, the low song of his laugh. I knew all this, but I knew absolutely nothing of the man himself. I didn’t even know where he was calling from.

“I had a lovely fat cock all ready to go... but my mission was scuppered.”


“Interfering friends.”


“Yeah, it was.”

“I could make it up to you... just give me an address.”

“You’ll get me fired with talk like that...”

“It’d be worth it, I promise.”

I wished I didn’t believe him, but my stomach was fluttering, hand already slipping down between my thighs. “Fuck, Jason... I keep thinking of all the things you could do to me...” Standard script, but this wasn’t standard. Nothing with Jason was standard.

“Tell me...”

“I dream of leaving my front door unlocked for you... how you’d come in without a sound, fuck me hard, take me like the dirty little whore I am... I’d give myself to you without ever knowing your face... that’s what I want... Fucked up, right? I was ready to fuck that guy tonight... and you know the funny thing? I was thinking about you... wanting to tell you about him... about how I’d fucked a stranger and wished he was you...”

His breathing quickened. “I could be your stranger.”

“…I think about being blindfolded, about you taking my hand and leading me away...”

“And then?”

I’d told him before, so many times. “You give me to a roomful of strangers... you watch as they fuck me... they fuck me so fucking hard, Jason... and you love it...”

“I’ll watch them pound your tight little snatch until you’re fucking spent, then I’ll fuck the gaping fucking hole they left... that what you want? It’s what I fucking want...”

“I want you to make me a dirty girl for you, Jason... can you hear how much I need this?” I lowered the handset and pulled my knickers to the side, letting him hear the soft, wet sound of my fingers on my clit.

His breath was ragged when I returned. “You need it rough, don’t you? Dirty girl...”


“You need your cunt destroyed by two fat cocks at once, your tight little ass, too...”

My fingers sped up, teasing my swollen clit. “Would you want that? Would you share my pussy with another man?”

“In a heartbeat, I fucking swear.”

“Fuck, that’s what I want, Jason...”

“Four men... five... six... I’ll make you take them all, and you’ll beg for more, I know you will. Stretch your pussy for me, I want to hear you.”

I slipped two fingers in hard enough to draw breath. “Please, Jason, yes...”

“First time I want to fuck you myself, just you and me. You’ll be blindfolded ready, kneeling on the floor with your hands behind your head. You’ll give yourself to me, and I’ll take you so fucking hard you’ll be begging me to stop...”

“Fuck, yes...”

“You want your asshole pounded by a man you’ve never met?”


“You can’t even imagine the things I’ll do to you, Lucy. I’ve done it all before... with dirty little sluts... I know what you need.” There was a tremor in his voice as he worked his cock, and it made me so fucking horny. “I’m not playing anymore, Lucy. I want you for real.”

“Jason... I can’t...”

“Fuck your tight little gash with those fingers and tell me you want me...”

I did fuck myself, bucking on the sofa with my fingers all the way inside. “I want you... God, I fucking want you... I’m a dirty whore, I know, I’m so dirty, Jason, so dirty... I want to be a dirty girl for you...”

“I’ll make you mine, dirty girl. I wanna hear you scream my name as you’re taking all that cock for me... dirty, sweaty, thick fucking meat, Lucy, all for you...”

“Yes! Oh yes!”

“You’ll open your mouth for me like a good girl, take my dick down your throat as I watch.”

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