Dirty Bad Strangers(7)

By: Jade West

“Yes, God, fucking yes!”

“Dirty little bitch, Lucy, you’re so fucking bad... I need to know you in real life....tell me what you really look like.”

Alarm bells in my stomach, Chelsea’s words raising their head.

I grasped at my failing script. “You already know what I look like... I’ve sent pictures...”

“I know it’s not you on the photos, Lucy, I’m not a total fucking idiot...” he growled. I struggled for words, my fingers still working my clit. “I bet you’re not even blonde...you don’t sound blonde. Blonde doesn’t suit your voice. No way, Lucy, that girl isn’t you.”

My eyes darted to the laptop screen. RS335 Sheena: Offline. “I’m not allowed... the rules...”

“Fucking hell, Lucy, I want to know who I’m talking to...”

My fingers were frantic, every breath matching his.

“…I want to know the dirty fucking bitch who gets me off every fucking night. The girl I spend a fucking fortune talking to.”

“I can’t...”


“Shit, Jason, shit! I have red hair, ok? I’m a redhead, with green eyes and freckles and a tight, wet cunt for you... The girl on the photo is nothing like me... I have big tits, Jason, big, big fucking tits, and I want you to fuck them, I want you to fuck me. Fuck, Jason, I’m gonna fucking come... shit...”

“Fuck...” he groaned.

“Come for me, Jason... please... I want to hear you... please let me hear you come for me...”

But I didn’t.

There was a thud, and a muffled voice that sounded like a woman shrieking.

And the line went dead.



The handset slipped from my hand as I shoved my dick back in my jeans. It clattered on the floor at my feet, skidding the battery off under the table. I cursed under my breath, darting to retrieve it.

Angry eyes stared out at me from the doorway, lips pouting and ready to let rip. “I said who are you talking to?!”

“Thought you were long in bed.”

“Clearly not,” she spat. “Who is she?”

I stared as April folded her perfect arms across her perfect tits, blowing a stray wisp of bleached blonde hair from her face. Even angry and dressed in old cotton PJs, she was pretty as a picture. Didn’t matter how perfect she was, though. The bitch did nothing for me anymore.

“Who’s who?”

“The fucking tramp on the fucking phone, Jason,” she scowled. “It’s that bitch from the VIP box, isn’t it? I knew it, little skank.”

“When did it become your fucking business?”

“Um, when we got fucking married.”

I laughed at her nerve. “You are joking? Like my love life means shit to you anymore.”

“Love life? More like seedy-fucking-pervert life.”

I gritted my teeth. “I leave you alone, keep my nose out, just like you want. Why the double fucking standards?”

“We’re still married, Jason. If you want to change that you can sign the fucking divorce papers, until then everything you do is my fucking business.”

I reassembled my handset. “I’ll sign the fucking papers just as soon as you give me something fucking reasonable to sign.”

“I’m asking for what’s mine.”

“Yeah, and everything else your greedy little mitts can get hold of. Get Fabien to buy me out if you’re that desperate to keep hold of the rest.”

“This has nothing to do with Fabien. It’s between us.”

“Makes a fucking change.”

She rolled her eyes. “Neither of us have been saints exactly, Jase.”

“I always wondered, did you still have the taste of his prick in your mouth when I gave you our wedding kiss?”

“Don’t play injured party. It would’ve made you hard, you filthy freak.” I watched the pretty line of her lips turn down. “Want a scandal, is that it? Want to make a fool of me? That little cow will sell you out in two seconds flat, don’t think she won’t. And then what?” She gestured aimlessly around the room. “And then this, this, this, everything we’ve worked for, all fucking gone.”

“So you keep telling me.”

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