Fear the Boss(10)

By: Sam Crescent

Caleb didn’t like anyone touching what was his. He paused at the sudden thought. During all of his time with his women, he’d never once been interested in who else they fucked. He used a condom and forced them to get checked at the hospital.

Walking down the steps he kept his gaze on the man.

When he was a foot away from her, he was able to hear them.

“No, really, I don’t want to dance. I’m here to meet someone,” Donna said. She wore a black dress, one he was sure she wore to a funeral rather than out at a club.

“Baby, I don’t see anyone waiting for you. Come on, I can take you for a spin on the dance floor.” He reached out to touch her.

Seeing the other man’s hand on her body filled Caleb with rage. No one got to touch her but him.

Stepping up close, he grabbed the man’s hand and twisted it. He didn’t give a fuck if he broke the guy’s wrist. Men needed to learn not to touch what was his.

“Caleb,” Donna said, squeaking his name.

“I suggest you find a woman of your own and stay away from mine. This is my club, my woman.”

“You’re Caleb?” the man asked.


The fear was instant in the other man’s eyes. Caleb didn’t care.

“I’m gone.”

“Good.” He waited for the other guy to go before turning back to her.

“You didn’t need to do that,” she said.

“Did you want him touching you? Forgive me. I didn’t think you were the kind of woman to want anyone touching her.” He took a seat as she gasped.

“That was unfair and uncalled for. I’m only here because you asked me to be here.” She stood up. “If all you want to do is insult me then you can do that when I’m working.” She spun away.

He caught her hand and tugged her back. She fell against him, and he caught her, picking her up and placing her on her seat. “I’m not here to insult you. The bastard pissed me off thinking he could touch you.”

“I refused to dance with him. I was about to pull away from him when you arrived.” She clasped her hands together and averted her gaze.

“Look at me.”

Her blue eyes glanced back at him.

For several seconds neither of them spoke. She was beautiful and pure. Was that the draw? In all of his years he’d never been with a woman who was pure. Was she a virgin?

None of those questions would be answered tonight. He doubted she’d even allow him to kiss her.

“I’m here. What do you want?” she asked.

What was going through that head of hers?

“I’ll buy you a drink.” He signaled for the waiter.

“I don’t drink.”

“We serve sodas here as well.” He took hold of her hand and pulled her close. The club was getting busy, and he struggled to hear her. “Come on. Let’s go to the VIP section.” Without waiting for her response, he led her toward Barry. The guard didn’t say a word as he took her past the man to the section he made sure clients paid more than her salary to get into.

She took a seat next to him, and he ordered her a soda.

“My friends are down there.”

“We can see them from here. They’re perfectly safe.”

He noticed her hands were shaking, and she locked them together placing them in her lap.

“Why are you scared?”

She turned to look at him. “I don’t know why I’m here. You come into the store for a bracelet for a woman and now you’re giving me ultimatums.”

“I was hoping you’d be wanting to get to know me.” He leaned back in his chair to stare at her. She’d not done anything with her hair, and it simply fell around her in waves. The length was beautiful, and he imagined it was silky to the touch.

The black dress she wore did nothing for her figure. The curves he felt moments ago were hidden behind unflattering fabric. The dress fell to her calves covering her legs from view. At least the neckline showed off her cleavage showing him the full size of her tits. He was a tits and ass man. There was nothing he liked more than spanking a woman’s ass and sucking on her nipples as he fucked her to completion.

His cock thickened, and he moved trying to get comfortable.

“Why?” she asked.

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