By: Jordan Silver

He pulled me over his knees and I froze in shock, he wouldn’t, would he?

He brought his hand down on my bare ass, that shit stung, but I was more pissed off at the tears that started to form in my eyes.

“You’re fucking dead you fucking pig.” I kicked my legs and fought the best I could but he didn’t stop, he just held both hands behind my back tighter. I lost count around fifteen I think, my ass was on fire, I had tears running down my face and my pride was bruised.

“Go get me the cream off your desk.” He pushed me off his lap. I looked at him to make sense of what the hell was going on, this couldn’t be right could it? I had just come home from a trip where I was trying to avoid him, how did I come back to this? Who was this fucking guy?

“The cream Carissa.” I jumped out of my reverie and walked over towards my desk where he had placed a jar of cream. I picked it up while looking over the other items he had laid out there. It looked like pictures of...

“Bring those with you.”

I grabbed them and returned to the bed where he remained seated. He took my hand and brought me back over his lap, I tensed up expecting another slap but he just soothed some cream into my burning flesh. See I knew he was crazy, who soothed the hurt they caused?

I didn’t even realize I was sniffling until he told me to stop.

“Your punishment is over for the time being, stop crying now.” He had the nerve to dry my tears before kissing my lips softly, what the fuck?

He sat me across his lap which was not the most comfortable thing at the moment, my ass really hurt, damn, I think my mind had yet to come back to my body because I couldn’t process what had just happened.

“Were you having fun here Carissa?”

Shit I’d forgotten about the pictures.

“Where did you get those?” They were pictures of me on my trip, some alone, some with the guy I had met in Greece, the one that had been nice but had done nothing for me, which pissed me off, I had wanted to be attracted to the tanned Greek hottie with the kick ass body, but the nut was front and center in my fucked up head.

“Answer me.”

“I don’t know what you want me to say.”

“Did you enjoy flaunting what’s mine for other men to enjoy?” The next picture was of me on the beach in my tiny white bikini, I looked hot as fuck in that shit, and of course men were enjoying it, that’s the whole idea. Of course I didn’t say any of this to the crazy man; he was already scary enough without me pushing his buttons.

“Stubborn to the end huh, okay, let’s set some ground rules shall we, from now on in case you didn’t get it, you’re mine, you don’t go anywhere without me knowing, you don’t take off for weeks without telling me first and you damn sure don’t flirt with other men. Lucky for you the report said you gave him the brush off or he would’ve made front page news the next day and you wouldn’t be able to sit for a month instead of just a week.”

“How the fuck did you find me?” this was too much.

“My man picked up your trail at the tower of London and stayed with you until you got off the plane here and called in the ride from the airport.”

“Your man, what the fuck are you talking about?”

“My family retains the services of a detective agency.”

“But why, just because of some stupid game?”

“This is no game babe, haven’t you figured that shit out yet?”

“Then what the fuck is it?”

“It’s who we are, this is what you need, you need to be tamed, and I need to be the one to tame you, only after it’s all said and done I choose to own you.”

Chapter 12


Okay I see what’s going on here now, I’ve gotten myself mixed up with a real fucking player, this guy was the real deal, this is no high school Casanova wannabe, this fucker was playing for keeps. I was playing with the big dogs, fuck. Who would’ve thought it, in fucking Sea Crest?

Well then it was decision time, do I play his game, and how? I’m nobody’s bitch, I call my own shots, been doing it too long to let that shit change this late in the game.

He wanted to play we’ll play, but by my rules, though he’s been beating me at my own game so far, I hope he wasn’t expecting me to just give in to him, but he’s shown that he’s serious about this shit and I didn’t want anyone else getting hurt because of me, this was between him and I. So be it. Let the games begin.

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