By: Jordan Silver

I ignored her rude ass and opened my book, I saw her out the side of my eye sniffing her hair and sweater, good. Let her wonder if I found her scent offensive or not, then watch her try to please me.

This sure was going to be a change from the norm, this one wasn’t going to be an easy fuck, thank fuck, I was tired of easy as pie pussy. Not that I ever fucked anyone in my hometown, never shit where you eat, though the females in this school from the youngest to the oldest would drop trou in the blink of an eye if I said the word.

I don’t usually go for foul mouthed immature chicks, my pussy usually came with a high end price tag, not that I paid for pussy mind you, nah, it just meant I leaned more towards high society debutants who thought their pussy was golden until I hammered the fuck out them, showed them who’s boss. Of course after one course they were always on my dick but hey, dem’s the breaks I never went back for seconds, not unless that shit was diamond. Except for this side piece I’ve been hitting for a while now.

The teach gave out assignments, we had to pair up; I had no need to impress her with my knowledge let her do the impressing. She wasn’t too bad, but she was nowhere near my caliber.

“What’re you some kind of fucking idiot savant or something?” She snarled at me.

I’m really going to enjoy taming that mouth. For now I just look at her, not a smile, not a glare, just a steady look meant to unnerve. She held out longer than most. Good for her.


This guy is seriously creeping me the fuck out, first he sniffs me, and now he’s looking at me like he can see right through me. The Princess is not amused. I might have to stomp a mother-fucker my first day. And what’s with his damn hair? It seems to be going in six directions at once, it didn’t matter that it worked on him, just saying, invest in a brush mother-fucker, damn.

On top of that he was some kind of brain, how the fuck does a brain like that survive in this hick town? I know I know my shit, but this fucker got some type of rain man shit going on. What the fuck ever.

I kept glancing at him out the side of my eye, not because I was interested, I just thought it might be prudent to keep track of what the fuck he was up to. After all most ass fuck serial killers came from rinky dink towns just like this one.

He was totally ignoring me, huh, what the fuck was up with that? Dudes were usually all over my shit in five minutes flat. What was this bitch trying to prove?

The bell rang and he sauntered out the class ahead of everyone, there was a whole lotta buzz going on, if these fuckers stood around looking at me like a pet monkey I will flip my shit.

I went to the rest of my classes with no one approaching me, I guess my bitch vibe was working, friends didn’t choose me, I chose who the fuck shared my space, and so far zilch.

I pegged the girls who thought they were hot shit right off the bat, mediocre at best; me and my old crew would eat them for breakfast without breaking a sweat. Kardashian wannabes, fuck those bitches I liked me, didn’t need anyone else’s identity.

I saw one bitch who had her shit together, wasn’t too happy when I saw her sitting at rain man’s table though. What the fuck you care Carrie? Keep it moving.

Anyway the blonde bitch had it going on but I could tell she was one those stuck up bitches with the rock of Gibraltar on her shoulders, too much mother fucking work. Looked like no new friends for the newbie, oh well. Then this goofy looking mother fucker came over to me grinning. Fucking A mother-fucker.

“I’m eating, don’t interrupt.” I gave him my best bitch glare and he slithered away. I saw a gaggle of hens clucking at the table closest to me. They were looking at me as though I was dyslexic; I guess blonde boy was considered hot shit around these parts. Get real. What the fuck ever.


I wonder what she said to Dyson to send him scurrying with his tail between his legs?

I was gonna have to keep an eye on my prey, the sharks were already swarming, couldn’t have that.

Chapter 3


Day two in this raggedy ass bitch, and it’s raining a-fucking-gain, Paula called me first thing this morning, probably drunk off her ass, I just told her to pad my account, send me the latest shit from whatever country she was in, hopefully Paris or Milan, and step the fuck off.

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