By: Jordan Silver

Don’t judge me, Paula is no one’s mother believe me, bitch had me from the age of three gave up any pretense of mothering by age six, and she’d only done a half ass job up until then, I didn’t need a mom now, too fucking late. She knew the deal, but if she wanted to fit in to her new life style of rich society mavens and afternoon lunches bull shit she had to play the role. What the fuck ever. I mean seriously have you heard my mouth, do you think if she’d been any kind of mother I’d be this fucked up?

I know what people saw when they looked at me, they saw a foul mouthed deviant, but the truth is I’m doing pretty good for a teen who practically had to raise herself. I don’t do drugs, I never drove drunk, I wasn’t a slut and I’m an honor student, society could go fuck itself.


It’s raining; I don’t think she should be driving that heap of metal on a day like this. I drove by her house to check up on her just as she was coming outside. She looked all kinds of pissed off. It made me smile. She never noticed me as I followed her on the slick roads. She was driving way too fast, not that I wasn’t a speeder, but I had more experience on these roads in these conditions, we’ll have to do something about that.

I pulled in next to her but didn’t let myself look at her as I covered my eyes with my Ray Bans. I could feel her checking me out without being too obvious, that’s how strong the pull between us is, I can already sense her, eventually she’d be able to do the same, I’d see to it. I’m going to take over every aspect of her life bit by bit, but first I will make her crave me.

I ignored all the too easy pussy crowding the hallways, some of them started primping as soon as they saw me, I saw my sister Vanessa and her boy Andrew in front of her locker, my brother Matthew and his girl Patti were probably still in his jeep necking. That was their routine.

“Joshua have you met the new girl, what’s she like, is she pretty?”

Vanessa had missed school yesterday and by the time I reached home in the evening she’d been with Andy so she hadn’t had a chance to interrogate me.

“Oh is that her? she’s gorgeous, uh oh Patti’s not going to like this, she’s wearing Vuitton rain boots, you know what that means, she knows fashion. Nope, our Patti is not going to like this one little bit.”

She had a point; Patti was so accustomed to being the center of attention in our school she was going to have a hard time sharing the spotlight. Her personality was such that she would view Carissa’s beauty as an affront. What can I say the girl has issues?

“I’m gonna go introduce myself, toodles.” She gave us a little finger wave before heading off. I leaned back against my locker and watched to see how things would play out. I knew my ...

Carissa was a bit surly, but if she hurt Vanessa’s feelings I was going to have to step in and I didn’t want to have to. It was too soon to show my hand.


When I first saw the little whirling dervish approach I was ready to blast the fuck outta her, but then she said her name, his name, I’d heard some of the idiot girls talking about him that’s how I knew, so I figured she was the sister. I decided to let her share my space for a time just to be tolerable, but then she named every designer I was wearing and I perked up, holla, I didn’t think there would be anyone in this hick town who knew what fashion was, of course her brother was rocking Gucci today, yesterday had been Ferragamo. I knew my shit, and so apparently did Miss. Vanessa.

I tried to follow along in the conversation but girlfriend was talking so fast her sentences were running together.

“Slow your roll chicklet, take a deep breath, and calm the fuck down.”

“I’m sorry, I’m just so excited to finally meet you and now you’re here and you love to shop and I’m so excited.”

And she was off again, somehow I found her more cute than annoying, I’ll keep her.

“So Vanessa what is there to do for fun around here?” Somehow we were walking towards her brother and the nice looking blonde guy, not bad, but nowhere near Joshua Steele’s caliber.

I played it cool when we reached them but I have to admit I was a little...unsettled. I tried really hard not to look at him but I lost that battle, why did this fuck have such a pull for me, I never let a guy have the upper hand , but this one had dominant written all over him, so not for me.

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