By: Jordan Silver

Vanessa made the introductions and we played it like we hadn’t already met, neither of us acknowledging our first meeting. He didn’t hang around long after that, no what he did do was walk right by me and sniff my fucking neck. What the fuck was up with this guy, and why did that shit make me cream my panties? Fuck.

Chapter 4


I watched her from afar for the rest of that first week, after making her shudder in the hallway that day, I’d decided to pull back just a little, let her wonder, and wait. It’s a cat and mouse game, I’m always the cat.

While watching her, I also watched the dicks that are swarming around her, they haven’t quite tried to breach the inner sanctum yet, too afraid of that tongue of hers I guess, but I know it won’t be long before one of them builds up enough courage to approach.

The school dance was coming up soon; I’d heard rumblings of all the different assholes who were thinking of inviting her. We’ll just see about that.

I watched as first Dyson, brave soul that one, then Eric were shot down, good girl.

The next day Terrence was up at bat, I watched him approach her in the hallway; I watched her smile at him and felt my hackles rise. No way, no how. I don’t know what answer she gave him, he didn’t walk away looking as disappointed as the other two.

Well now, looks like I have to show just the tip of my hand.

I walked as close to her as possible without touching her and whispered one word in her ear, I felt pretty sure she’d know what I was talking about.

“No.” that’s what I whispered to her before continuing on my way. I could feel her staring holes in my back.


Mother-fu... this guy really had to stop this shit, and what the hell did he mean no, no what? Had I asked him a motherfucking question? I knew damn good and well what he was referring to, after all it was because I’d become aware of his stare that I had smiled at the last dude, what’s his face.

I had no intentions of going to the stupid dance in the first place, but since he threw down the gauntlet I was gonna pick that shit the fuck up. No my ass, bitch, who the fuck did he think he was any way. No one told me what to do; I wish a mother-fucker would. Sheeiiit.

Chapter 5


I’ve been keeping tabs on her, whenever I show an interest in my sister’s plans I get an insight into Carrie’s since the two have been joined at the hip lately.

It’s been three days since our little encounter; two of them were over the weekend. I only drove by her house twice to assure myself that she was there, alone, no visitors.

I depicted which room was hers, the tree outside her window leaves room for thought, getting by the Captain is no issue, and I’m the master at covert ops. I’ve defiled many a debutante right under mommy and daddy’s nose.

I know what you’re thinking; I’m no man whore, just a normal teenaged guy with a surplus of high grade pussy. They throw it, I catch, it’s a natural instinct. I don’t cheat, never had anyone to cheat on, and if someone’s heart gets broken! It’s because they didn’t read the fine print.

For someone who speaks like they were raised on the docks my lamb’s reading material is very telling, it gives me insight into who really lives behind those defiant eyes. Her dog-eared copies of the Bronte sisters among other classics make me smile. Especially the copy of Wuthering Heights that’s on the pillow next to her.

Now it’s lunch period on Monday, and I’m sure Vanessa plans to ask her to join our table. I don’t know why she hasn’t thus far, or if she had and was rebuffed, we’ll see.

Patti as expected is not pleased by these events, Matthew better shut her the fuck up before I do, see Matt might be older, but in this dynamic, I run things, always have. I don’t know if it’s because of my higher than average intelligence, or my silently forceful personality, it’s just always been this way, my sibs followed my lead.

I gave Matt a look that spoke volumes; he rolled his eyes at me and smirked. Sometimes my brother could be an ass, but I wasn’t giving anything away.

When Vanessa showed at the table with Carrie lamb in tow I kept my head averted as it had been. I didn’t have to look to know she was here, her scent enveloped me, it was driving me fucking insane. I couldn’t wait to lick it off of her.

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