By: Jordan Silver


I don’t know why chicklet keeps insisting that I sit at her table, she has some crazy ass idea that I’m lonely and shit sitting by myself, now usually a douche sitting alone meant outcast of some sort, with me, it’s what I choose, it’s my way of saying ‘I like my own company better than yours so fuck off.’

She dragged my ass over to the table where her two brothers, Andrew, and the Marilyn Monroe wannabe were already sitting. The fuck was her problem anyway? Bitch had her nose in the air, yeah, like I give a fuck, bitch I could out bitch you with one hand tied behind my back while wearing a gunny sack.

I ignored her ass, I know exactly how to deal with her kind, I was her kind at ten, amateur.

Mr. Fucked up hair was off in La La land, where he seemed to live most of the time, I was beginning to think he was bi polar, but somehow I doubted it, he was just one slick mother-fucker.

You wanna play cool? I’ve peeped your game mother-fucker, I see your ‘no’ and raise you a fuck off.

“So Vanessa when are we going shopping for the dance?” I say this cool as can be as we set our trays down on the table. She of course starts to squeal, nothing gets the chicklet going faster than the mention of shopping, it was hard to imagine that these two were twins, I think she might’ve gotten all the vocal chords in that deal.

“You never told me, who’re you going with again?”

“It’s a surprise.” I smirk, no one seems interested in our conversation and by no one I mean you know the fuck who.

“Aw come on just one little hint.”

“Okay, he’s older, he’s in college, and he’s fuck hot.” Take that asshole.


Well well well the little lamb was baiting the lion, I wonder if she knew that this is just what I needed from her. I almost smiled but didn’t, instead I turned and looked at her through my sunglasses. Let the games begin.

Chapter 6


It didn’t take too much effort to find the guy that she thought she was going to the party with. Just a little detective work on my part. Wasn’t she lucky I did that shit?

I know she did it to thumb her nose at me; I’ll have to teach her that that wasn’t acceptable.

I played her the rest of the week, she didn’t like my cold shoulder too much, too bad, she made her play.

I encouraged some of the unwanted attention from the easy pussy brigade just for kicks, I wasn’t in to leading chicks on, I didn’t need the ego booster, so I played it safe.

Tiffany Roberts seemed to be the one to do it for her, every time I was in the same air space as Tiffany, which was whenever lamb was in the vicinity, I would catch her rolling her eyes that could be a sign of indifference, if not for the clenched fists.

You have no idea how to play this game little lamb , I’m circling your queen, coming in for the kill, won’t be too much longer before checkmate.


Diabolical motherfucker, he thinks I don’t know what he’s doing, like I give a fuck. He’s been ignoring me all week, ever since I first sat at their table.

Now every time I turned around he was all smiley smiley with that fake Tiffany bitch, I guess if he’s into small minded twats that’s the way to go. Fuck I care.

I was mad as fuck but had no idea why. Lately he’d taken to sitting elsewhere whenever I sat at their table, making it rather obvious that he didn’t want to sit with me.

heard the whispers, but if that fuck thought I was gonna give him the satisfaction he didn’t know a bitch like me, though for some reason it bothered the fuck out of me, not that he was ignoring me, but that he was making it so obvious in front of the whole damn cafeteria.

I didn’t take lightly to other people’s bullshit, especially if it’s unwarranted. I’ll just have to show Mr. Steele what happens when you fuck with me.

Chapter 7


Oh she’s good but not good enough, you will never outsmart me baby. I came home to find the delightful Miss. Sterling in residence, she seemed to be putting on a fashion show for Vanessa they were both upstairs in Vanessa’s room which I had to pass to get to the stairs leading to my floor.

Her timing was impeccable I had to say; just as I reached the door she was bending over to fix her stockings. The skirt she had on would be illegal in most states or should be I know she wasn’t thinking about wearing that shit to the party especially not with that motherfucker. Calm down Joshua, you’ve already got that taken care of.

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