By: Jordan Silver

I kept going as if she didn’t give me the boner from hell, from hell because I know she wouldn’t let me fuck her and I had no interest in any other pussy right now. I refuse to jack off, that’s probably what she intended anyway.


I know he thinks the little peep show was it, but not by a long shot. Since he seemed to like sniffing me so much, and was such a manwhore from what I’ve heard I decided to leave him a little surprise. I was really hoping he would bring Tiffany home with him; they could’ve both enjoyed my little present. Okay I don’t know why the fuck my stomach is in knots, but I don’t like this shit. There’s no way I was crushing on crazy hair dude, besides I don’t think that guy’s all there. What the fuck ever.


I smelled her as soon as I entered my room, what the fuck, how was her scent so strong here when I didn’t smell it before? I walked around my room inhaling her into me, the scent wasn’t overpowering it was just there.

Did she spray my room with her shit, and what the fuck was she doing in my room without me? Then I saw it front and center on my bed. Fuck me, tell me she didn’t. I started to laugh, looks like I found a worthy opponent.

She’d left me a pair of midnight blue thongs, I picked them up, and sniffed, the silk was still warm from her body and her female scent went straight to my head. That combined with the shit she’d sprayed all over my room was sure to keep me up all night in more ways than one.

I found out at dinner that she was spending the night, I looked at her, but she was pretending that I didn’t exist.

“Thanks for the present Carissa, though I think it would’ve looked better where it was intended for maybe next time hmm?”

She almost choked on her water while my family looked on in puzzlement. I didn’t give up any information and neither did she. The rest of the meal was uneventful except for my family’s usual fuckery at the dinner table.

On my way upstairs for the night I passed her in the hallway.

“Soon.” I whispered as I licked her neck and kept walking.

Chapter 8


It’s Saturday, party day, tonight I up the stakes in a big way, the game is set. After tonight there will be no let up.

She’s not quite where I want her to be as yet but she’ll get there. She’s already proven she’s going to be a handful but I’m up to the task, I can’t wait to tame that. May the best man win.

I’ve been listening to the buzz going on all around me for the past week, so I knew who was picking who up where and when, so I knew how much time I had before I had to set things in motion.

I was dressed and ready to go half an hour before the party was suppose to start and out of the house before my siblings . Nothing was said about me going stag, I always went alone.

I sat in my car on a dark stretch of road off to the side out of the way of oncoming traffic. I would be able to see them but they couldn’t see me since I had my lights off.

I sat back, relaxed, and waited.

It was twenty minutes before I saw my target approaching. I turned on my lights, burned rubber as I accelerated past the car pulling ahead and stopping crosswise, blocking its path.

The driver stepped on the brakes just as I was getting out of my Bugatti.

I walked to the passenger side and pulled open the door.

“Get out.” I pulled her out of the car when she took too long to obey me. I think for the first time I actually shocked her, she seemed to be in a daze.

“Dude, who the fuck are you? Get your hands off her.”

“Rachel says hi Travis.” The fucker lost all color as Carrie started to come out of her stupor.

“Who the fuck is Rachel?”

“The last girl he date raped. Get in the car. I gave her a gentle nudge towards my car, while I stayed back to have a friendly chat with Mr. Travis.

“I ever see you near her again I’ll break your fucking face. You don’t know her, you’ve never seen her, you don’t know her fucking name. Erase her number from your phone. Don’t drive by her house; don’t even drive down her street.”

“You can’t...”

“I can, I did, the name’s Joshua Steele, ask around.” I was done.

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