By: Jordan Silver

She was staring straight ahead when I climbed in the car.

“You’re some piece of work you know that, where do get off pulling this shit?”

Oh she wanted to fight? Cool.

“You wanted to spend the night with the rapist?” She didn’t have a ready answer for that one.

“If you knew he was a rapist why the fuck did you let me get in a car with him?”

“You were never in any danger from him; if he’d touched you I would’ve killed the mother-fucker.”

“Why, what’s it to you?”

“You fucking know why, now buckle up let’s go.”

Surprisingly she obeyed without a fight; I guess she was still a little spooked by the whole thing.

The only reason I wasn’t handing her her ass is because I knew I pushed her to it. It was her retaliation for the Tiffany thing.

She’d done what any woman would do; she fought back like a girl. She just hadn’t been very careful in her selection.

I think I just might visit Travis anyway and give his ass a beat down, just for thinking of putting his mother-fucking hands on what’s mine.

Chapter 9


I drove over to the beach; it was quiet this time of night so we had the place to ourselves.

“What are we doing here?”

“You want to go to a party with a bunch of drunken imbeciles, drink watered down punch surrounded by the people you’ve been snubbing for the past month or so?”

“Not necessarily, but it doesn’t mean I want to be here with you either.”

I decided to ignore that, I knew better.

“What were you doing with that Travis bitch anyway, isn’t your dad the Captain, how could he let his daughter out of the house with a suspected rapist?”

“My dad doesn’t know who I was going to the dance with.”

“Give him hell too do you?” She rolled those fawn eyes at me.

“Know what I think little lamb, I think you’re full of shit, I think you act tough, talk rough, but under it all you’re just a scared little girl hoping no one looks too deep and see the real you. Scared and shivering under your tough shell.”

“Why don’t you crack that shell and see mother-fucker, you better wear a hazmat suit because a whole lotta shit just might explode all over you? You can pretend to see whatever the fuck you want, know what I see? I see an arrogant prick who thinks he’s pussy’s best gift, well not this pussy bitch, this pussy don’t do amateur big headed puffed up dicks.”

I laughed, I couldn’t help it, she was spitting fire at me, and it was so hot I wanted to mount her right then and there. Too bad she was full of shit; she wasn’t nowhere near ready for what I had in store for her. I could wait, not too much longer though, but for now she was safe.

“Your pussy’s purring so loud for me I hear it in my sleep, I bet if I touched you right now you’d go off like a rocket launcher, wanna test it?” I turned as if I was really going to go for it and heard her indrawn breath. Her fucking nipples were hard. Fuck she was getting off on this shit.

Oh yeah, my kinda pussy.

Chapter 10


The following Monday she was up to her old tricks again, I’d purposely avoided her the rest of the weekend while she’d been at my house with Nessa.

I stayed away the whole fucking time, hanging with friends in Chelsea, she had no idea where I was, or who I was with, that’s just how I wanted it.

I wanted her to wonder about that shit, I knew it would drive her crazy, Nessa couldn’t be of any help since she didn’t know my whereabouts either, so even if my lamb asked, which I’m sure she’s too proud to do, there would be no one to answer.

I’d peeped her game as soon as I saw her first period, she was dressed to the fucking nines, not for a school day in rainy Sea Crest no, she was decked out for a runway in Paris, or some fuck.

She seemed to have an affinity for whites in differing shades. This outfit was more ivory than cream, it was a D&G label leather, crotch shot skirt, with matching short jacket, and a lacy teddy underneath in turquoise that showed off the tops of her tits.

She wore a huge as fuck turquoise pendant on a silver choker around her neck, with matching bracelets and earrings. Her makeup made her look like a bronze warrior princess, and those fuck me strap up sandals in silver were kick ass.

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