By: Jordan Silver

“I can smell you.” he whispered those words just before biting into my neck with enough force to leave a mark and walking away.

I need a new game plan, he kept upping the mother-fucking stakes, no way was I gonna let him win. I’d have to give him this round though. Damn.

Chapter 11


I knew just how the fuck to deal with Joshua fucking Steele, he was getting his way too fucking much and I was sick of that shit.

I called up Paula to set my plan in motion, of course she tried to put me off but I wasn’t having that shit, this was damn near a life or death situation, no time for games.

I simply told the old man there was a situation and Paula needed me for a week or so, he would have to deal with the school however, I wasn’t worried about it, I’m an advanced student so there should be no problem, I’ll cover that shit when I came back, right now I had to get the fuck out of dodge, it might seem like I was running but I wasn’t I was showing this fuck who he was up against.

I landed in London in the early morning hours there was a car to pick me up, Paula didn’t have to worry about me after I landed just have a hotel room ready for me, some extra spending money in my account and she could carry on as if I wasn’t even here.

I hit the streets running from day one; I had no real direction, no real plan other than to get the hell out of that rinky dink town for now before one of us killed the other.

I spent my first day shopping and visiting the museums that abound around the city, my phone was ringing off the hook for the first part of the day before I turned it off, Nessa had called a fuck load of times but there was no way I could tell her, she wouldn’t be able to holdout from her brother I was almost sure, and the whole point was to make him sweat.

From London it was off to Greece, might as well get my tan on while in Europe, I’d seen my mom a total of once since I flew to London but that was to be expected, the thing I liked about Europe was the freedom a girl my age could enjoy without too many raised eyebrows, no one questioned why I was alone, I was smart enough to be on the lookout for predators though, I’m not a complete ninny. Though I did enjoy flirting with this fuck hot guy the whole time I was there, too bad I didn’t feel even a mild interest in him.

I shopped my ass off and was able to put thoughts of the asshole out of my mind for longer spurts as time wore on.

The shit that bothered me was that the night before my return I was nervous as fuck. I hadn’t given much thought to my reentry, what would he do, what has he been doing the last two weeks, did he look for me, did he try to find out where I’d gone?

I snuck home in the late hours of the night having taken a car service from Chelsea airport; I couldn’t believe I was actually happy to see this place again. The butterflies in my stomach were going crazy.

My dad’s cruiser was missing which meant he was pulling the grave yard shift, I’d missed fucking Michael too, he was growing on me or some shit. It helped that he stayed the fuck out of my way and understood I needed my space.

I was tired as fuck so I dropped my bags downstairs, crawled upstairs, and stripped before falling flat on the bed. I was asleep in five minutes flat.

Something, or some sound woke me from my slumber, I turned over, and he was just...there.

“What the fuck?” I started to climb off the bed but he pressed me back down with his body straddling mine. His eyes were hard and cold, my heart was running out of my chest was it fear or something else? I couldn’t be sure.

“Had fun on your little European jaunt Carissa, you’re lucky you came home on your own when you did, if I’d had to come after you who knows. If I remember correctly I owe you a spanking that’s now two weeks overdue, now with this little stunt of yours I have to think of something else to add to your punishment so you’ll know never to play this fucking game with me again.

“Listen you fucktard, you don’t own me, you can’t tell me what to do, now get the fuck off of me before I scream.”

“Go ahead, scream, the Captain won’t be home for hours, your closest neighbor is the old lady across the street, besides I think I might like hearing you scream. He dragged me up and off the bed, I’d forgotten my nakedness.

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