CXVI:Secrets Broken(127)

By: Angie Smith

He opened his mouth and tried to speak. He could form no words. He was too weak.

“He’s going to tell us,” Gravel-voice shouted. “Get some water.”

The woman disappeared, returning a few moments later with a dirty looking glass. She gave it to Gravel-voice who attempted to tip some into his mouth, but he passed out and went limp.

The woman bent down and felt his pulse. “You stupid idiot, he’s dead!”

Gravel-voice quickly let go of him and he fell down. “That wasn’t supposed to happen.”

“You told me you could make anyone talk,” the woman said.

“He isn’t anyone. He’s Maria Barnes’ father.”

“He was Maria Barnes’ father, and you are a complete imbecile.” Two shots from a semi-automatic pistol rang out and sent Gravel-voice crashing to the floor. The echoing footsteps of the woman walking away could be heard.

He opened his eyes, and — although unsure how long since he’d tasted it — he had a chance of freedom. She hadn’t locked the door, and, even though she’d turned the light off, there was some minimal illumination from the adjoining room. Most importantly, she’d left him fresh protein - approximately 95kg of fresh protein.

He used what little strength remained to crawl to Gravel-voice. He licked the blood from the head wound. It was a start. His plan to feign death had worked. Now he could regain some strength and try to contact his daughter. Someone was going to a great deal of trouble to find her.

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