Taken: Breaking the Darkness Book 1(8)

By: Felicia Starr

I wasn't sure if my heart rate just sped up or finally slowed down. I suddenly felt it pulsating in my ears. A steady flow of deep breaths helped clear my lungs and I realized I may not have taken a breath at all while I listened to Gram's warning.

I didn't want to draw any unwanted attention so I forced myself not to make any sudden movements. My mind was spinning around so fast; I needed my body to catch up. Nausea and exhaustion were setting in. If my stomach wasn't so empty, I might have let my body attempt to purge itself from all this chaos. A talk with myself was what I needed.

To start with... What the heck is going on? Am I sleeping or awake? Did my Gram just speak to me? Did I just see a ghost? Am I imagining she was just here speaking to me about this nightmare I'm living? I think I'll just pretend for a moment that none of that matters. I really just need to sort out what she said instead of how, for now.

I could only assume I was in some way being watched. No one had come to see me, tell me, or show me why I was being retained, so they must have been watching. Although, I wasn't sure where in that sparse room there could be a camera. Then again, it was so dark in there and I couldn't see the walls or ceilings. Maybe they were covered with night vision cameras.

Better yet, what the hell was I supposed to be transitioning into? I certainly didn't feel very powerful. I sure hoped if I did get any powers, they would help me escape this hellhole. I couldn't see myself, but I thought I looked the same. I couldn't really say whether I felt the same, as I was locked in a room full of blackness and dark shadows. Perhaps I was having hallucinations or, at best, lucid dreams of my dead grandmother.

This couldn't be for real. If people in my family had some kind of "abilities," why wouldn't my Gram have told me? Gram and I were very close, or so I thought. Who else could have had abilities in our family? Gram said her abilities were limited. Limited to what?

This just made no sense. Maybe I hit my head and I was actually in some kind of coma. This was all some crazy fabricated situation that my brain had made up to deal with the trauma of what happened to me. Quite frankly, I wasn't even sure what happened to me last, that is, before I woke up to a room full of nothingness. I had no idea how I got there. I suppose the alternative was that I was drugged, which would maybe explain all the hallucinations.

It certainly didn't help that the only person I had to talk to about any of this was myself. Honestly, I wasn't even sure who I was anymore. Could any of what my Gram told me be true? Was I something more than I seemed? I thought not! Maybe Kasha was just a bit crazier than I realized.

Now was as good a time as any to try and retrace what I could remember from before I woke up here. Still, it was hard to judge how much time had passed, not that it really had any bearing on what I was doing before being abducted. I think the fact that I had black spots in my memory was more unnerving than the fact that I was abducted and I still didn't know why.

Clearly, I remembered signing the lease for my little Southwest cottage. I started to move some of my things in from the storage unit. The walls were waiting for paint. I recently went to The Flea and not only picked up a bunch of little odds and ends, but I bought that amazing bookshelf from Axel and Patience.

The bookshelf hadn't been delivered yet. I'm not sure I even set it up to be delivered. I did remember having the intention of going to my storage unit to dig up some of the boxes of Gram's old books in anticipation of its arrival. Come to think of it, I was getting ready to head out to the unit but decided to walk down for a stiff cup of coffee and a sweet snack first. This seemed to be where things got a bit hazy. I hoped a few deep breaths and a gentle eye close might help me get back to that day. Recalling the images of my surroundings could help jog the memory.

It was just before dusk. This I remembered because I wanted to try to get over to the unit before the sun finished its descent behind the mountains. My heart was filled with both excitement and sadness. I knew it would be bittersweet walking into the unit filled with a bouquet of Gram mixed with the smell of musty cardboard.

Touching things that once belong to her would be pretty heavy. That's why I was so excited to honor her love of books and reading with the new bookshelf.

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