Taken: Breaking the Darkness Book 1(83)

By: Felicia Starr

There has been a small group of exceptional authors that have encouraged me and educated me throughout this journey to write this book. I will be forever grateful to two of my favorite authors. Amber Lynn Natusch and Dannika Dark inspired me and encouraged me in first place to write this book. Thank you, LM Preston, for taking the time to sit on the phone with me and share your story of publication and advice on marketing. To Michael Brown for walking the path beside me. Thank you Monique Rockliffe. Thank you Cambria Hebert for answering every question I had about the publishing process and then answering them again three months later. Your support and encouragement along with being inspired by your success and determination have helped me to not throw in the towel when I wasn't sure I could move on to the next step. Last but not least, to Cynthia Lucas for her words of encouragement over the past year to get it done and then for her enthusiasm for my writing and helping me through some creative frustrations at the last minute.

Thank you to my beta readers and those that read the book before I was ready to really share it: Amy Weidman Pro, Angela Pratt, Cynthia Lucas, Desiree DeOrto, Elizabeth Theeck, Kris Atkinson, Jayne Bielak, Nicole Brown, Nina Lillard, and Venus Turosky.

Thank you to my amazing editor for her dedication to this project every single step of the way! You have been fabulous, Cassie McCown from Gathering Leaves. Thank you to my cover designer Regina Wamba from Mae I Design and Photography who fought through my creative indecision and created the perfect cover to represent this book. Also to Sierra LaRosa for posing as a beautiful model for promotional items.

Thank you to Keith Ryan Riggs and James Vitale for helping me with a few research details that really helped bring this story to life.

I must also honor and give many thanks to my Guruji Rev. Jaganath Carrera for keeping me spiritually grounded and helping me think about what is beyond me.

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