Promise Me (Rivers Edge Book 3.5)(10)

By: Lacey Black

“It was amazing. When you wished Avery a happy birthday on stage, I think you could have pushed any one of us over with a feather,” I reply.

Jase laughs that deep, throaty laugh. It’s a great laugh. I’d love to hear it again, and again, and again. “Yeah, you all seemed a little surprised,” he says before taking a long pull from the water bottle. Damn, I’ve never wanted to be a water bottle so bad in my life. “So, do you have a last name, Holly?” he asks with hopeful, sparkling eyes. Damn, those eyes are amazing.

“I do actually have a last name,” I reply, fighting with everything I have to keep from smiling.

Jase stares back at me, huge grin splits across his devastatingly handsome face. “Are you going to share it with me?”

“Oh, you want to know what it is? I thought you just wanted to know if I had one,” I tease.

“Sassy. I like it,” he says with that promising grin.

“It’s Jenkins.”

“Holly Jenkins,” he says as if trying it on for size. “So, Holly Jenkins, I know you’re not married or engaged. Is there someone else I need to worry about?”

“Why?” I ask incredulously. No way is this rock star asking if I’m seeing anyone. Not possible. I wear minimal make-up and sometimes hate brushing my hair. I’m average, a size six. Not a toothpick with big fake boobs or a modeling contract. I love chocolate chip cookies and hot fudge milkshakes, for the love of God, and sometimes consume them for my supper.

Jase leans in, completely invading my personal space, and I’m instantly assaulted with his scent. It’s all woodsy and sweaty and sexy as hell. His green eyes sparkle with seriousness as he says, “Because I need to know how many guys I have to get out of my way.”

“Out of your way for what?” I whisper, completely lost in the sea of green eyes.

He leans in further, so close I can feel his breath fan against my lips. “Out of my way until I have you all to myself,” he replies, his lips mere millimeters away from my own. I pray he kisses me.

NO you don’t!

“I’m seeing someone,” I whisper as I stare at those lush, lickable lips. Lips that promise to deliver so much more than a few lines of a song.




“Uhhhh, Paul?” I stumble on the words, shaking my head as if trying to strengthen the connection between my lips and my brain. Why isn’t my brain working?

“Was that a question?”

“No. His name is Paul,” I finally get out.

“Paul, huh? Well, I hope you’re not too attached to ol’ Paul, Holly Jenkins. Because Paul doesn’t stand a chance anymore,” he tells me confidently. Those words coming from any other man would appear cocky and arrogant – everything I’ve accused Jase of being. But those words right now coming from Jase Bentley seem more like a promise. I shiver at the thought.

“What do you mean? Why wouldn’t Paul stand a chance?” I defend, crossing my arms at my chest in a defensive stance.

Jase’s eyes drop to the cleavage I basically just offered up on a golden platter with my little temper tantrum. He ogles unapologetically for a few moments before returning his eyes back to mine. “Well, Paul doesn’t stand a chance because of me. You can pretend you’re into this guy all you want. Go on forced dates, maybe give him an awkward, uncomfortable kiss good night. But I promise you, honey, in the end it’s going to be you and me. I’m not saying that to be conceited. It’s a fact. I feel it deep down in my bones. I know it like I know my own name or the words to every song I’ve ever written.” His eyes are fierce and determined, and for some reason, I can’t help but believe everything he’s saying. Which is completely cray cray because he’s him and I’m…well, me. And our worlds don’t mesh.

I stare back into those deep green eyes and fight the urge to lean forward, just a few inches, and taste those lips that just spoke the most intense, intoxicating words I’ve ever heard. I feel his gaze down to my core. My lady parts are alive once again and doing a hula dance.

“Give me your phone,” he tells me as he reaches his hand forward.

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