Promise Me (Rivers Edge Book 3.5)(2)

By: Lacey Black

“He’s a doctor?” Josselyn asks.

“No,” I reply. “He’s only a nurse.”

“So, why do you call him Doctor Paul?” Erin asks, her beautifully manicured eyebrows raised in question.

“Because he struts around the hospital acting like a doctor,” Avery quips with a huge smile.

“He’s nice,” I defend.

“He’s arrogant,” Avery replies, and it’s true. He is a cocky, arrogant guy. He flirts shamelessly with anyone with legs and boobs, and honestly believes he’s God’s gift to women. He’s also the only guy to show me any attention lately.

I’ve dated on and off in the past couple of years, but have never found that person who challenges me. Who desires more than just a few romps in the hay - figuratively speaking. I’m not into sex in the barn. Hell, right now, I’d be happy with sex. Period.

Doctor Paul and I have been out on a couple dates in the past few weeks and have flirted brazenly in the hallways at the hospital, but I don’t see it going any further than that. He’s nice but definitely more into himself than he is into me. But it’s not like any other young, single, good looking guys are lined up, anxiously waiting to take me on a date, so it’ll do for now. It’s better than sitting at home alone on Friday or Saturday nights.

I feel the limousine slowing before it pulls into the arena in St. Charles. I’m from Rivers Edge, Missouri which is a small town about thirty minutes away from St. Charles. Small towns breed gossips. If you want to know something about yourself, just ask around town. You’ll find out plenty.

“Oh my gosh, we’re here!” Avery exclaims, blue eyes lighting up like the Fourth of July. “I can’t believe we’re going to meet Jase Bentley,” Erin exclaims just as excited.

I stare at the large arena where the Missouri Belters basketball team plays and feel the excitement and energy of the stadium zip through my body. People are everywhere. Girls wearing tight jeans and barely-there shirts. Guys wearing huge, cocky smiles as they check out all the bare skin floating around.

“Ready?” Avery asks me as the driver opens the door for us.

I step out into the cool April night and adjust my top. I chose a dark blue halter top that hugs my breasts just right. My brown, curly hair hits just below my shoulders and is usually pulled back in a ponytail or a clip for work, but tonight I decided to leave it down. There’s just enough bounce in the big curls to give it a luscious, sexy appearance - at least that’s what Avery told me when we got ready tonight. I stand along the limo in my wedge sandals which gives the appearance that I’m taller than my normal five foot four inch body.

“Ready,” I tell Avery as we all link arms and head towards the front doors of the arena.

After showing our tickets to the girls holding the scanners at the front door, and having our purses checked by the big bouncer-like men, we head towards the stage where we’re supposed to receive our backstage passes.

“I seriously can’t believe we are about to meet Jase Bentley,” Avery says excitedly.

“Me either! He’s so friggin’ hot,” Erin adds.

“He’s okay,” I mumble. Three sets of eyes turn towards me. Eyes that are completely filled with shock and disbelief.

“He’s okay?” Josselyn asks, eyes wide and mouth forming a perfect ‘o’. She looks horrified, like she can’t believe the two little words I just said.

“Well, he’s kinda full of himself. I can’t stand that. Yeah, he’s good looking, but he knows it. He’s cocky and arrogant and only dates supermodels and movie stars. I’d rather meet the drummer,” I say with a shrug as we reach the front of the line to get our passes.

And part of that is true. Jase Bentley is all of the things I just said, but he also has green eyes the color of freshly cut grass and dark hair that’s wild and slightly unkempt that gives him the appearance that he’s just got out of bed. And his devilish smile will cause a nun’s underwear to melt right off her body. According to all of the gossip magazines, he’s twenty six years old and six foot tall with a lean, muscular body that he works daily to keep in his godly, chiseled shape. Both arms and most of his chest are covered in tattoos. He’s the epitome of a tall, dark, sexy Rock God. Ladies swoon and the guys want to be him. Hell, I’m pretty sure half the fellas swoon, too. He’s dangerous with a capital D, which is why I plan to avoid him like the plague when we get backstage. I don’t need his kind.

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