Promise Me (Rivers Edge Book 3.5)(5)

By: Lacey Black

I scan the crowd but don’t register the faces. Blondes, brunettes, redheads. Girls, girls, girls, and more girls. All screaming, snapping pictures, and jumping up and down in their skimpy little outfits with their legs exposed and their tits hanging out. I head to the front and position myself in between my band mates underneath the big banner with our name on it, just like I do every night.

I skim the crowd one more time, but this time I actually take note of someone in the crowd. My eyes clash into a pair of stunning hazel eyes at the back of the room. My chest tightens and I struggle to gulp air in my lungs. Her eyes meet mine at the exact same time, and she’s stunning. I couldn’t look away from her if I tried, and she seems to have the same reaction to me. She stares back, mouth slightly agape, and I feel the burn of her gaze from all the way up here. My body hums to life for the first time in months. Hell, years.

“Who’s that?” Phillip asks as he approaches from behind and hands me a Sharpie, taking in the mystery woman in the back of the room that I can’t seem to get my eyes off of.

“That’s my future wife.”

Chapter Three


“Oh my Gawd! Jase Bentley is staring at you,” Avery says just over my left shoulder. I know Jase Bentley is staring at me because I’m staring at him. It’s like I’ve been sucked into some alternative universe where only he and I exist. I feel so connected to him, all the way from the opposite side of the room. We continue to stare at each other until a slightly shorter man walks up behind him and starts talking. He stares for a few more moments before turning his attention to the man behind him, taking the offered marker from his hand.

With that, the line starts to slowly inch forward towards the five members of Bent. They are on the second leg of their coast to coast tour which includes stops at some of the biggest venues in the country. Bent stormed onto the music scene six years ago with their debut song “Fire”, and they haven’t looked back since. They toured with Katy Perry, Maroon 5, and Daughtry before claiming their own tour three years ago. Three albums and two Grammy’s later, Bent is one of the biggest names in rock music to date. It doesn’t hurt that the lead singer is drop dead gorgeous and has the voice of a God. Deep, throaty, and edgy. Sexy. A voice that makes panties burst into flames with the first word of any song.

Slowly over the next hour, we make our way towards the front of the line. The opening act, Hassle and Concur, is performing on stage, getting the crowd warmed up and ready for Bent. I’m completely fine with missing the opening act. Especially since I’m about to come face to face with one of the sexiest rockers in all of music.

I take note of the conversations around me. Avery, Erin, and Josselyn are all talking up a storm about babies, weddings, and the concert in general. I don’t actively participate in their conversations, though. Instead, I people watch mostly, occasionally returning my eyes to the band at the front of the room. I watch as they sign shirts, CD’s, posters, and even the occasional offered body part. Women throw their arms around their necks and grab at any part of their bodies that they can get their hands on. The band poses for countless pictures, their famous smiles never wavering from their faces.

It takes nearly an hour and ten minutes before we’re finally standing at the front of the line. I didn’t bring anything for them to sign, but I’m eager to get a photo with the band.

“I can’t believe we’re about to meet Bent,” Josselyn exclaims as she bounces up and down on her sandal covered toes.

“I know! This is so freaking amazing,” Erin adds.

Finally, it is our turn. One by one, the band members each turn their attention towards us. Each one has a Sharpie in their hands. Avery is at the front of the line and produces her backstage pass for each member to sign. I watch as she steps up to Jase and gives him a huge, fan-girl smile. He laughs at something she says before wrapping his arm securely over her shoulder. The rest of the band gathers around for a picture taken with her cell phone.

Erin and Josselyn each go next, securing autographs and photos with the band. I stand back and watch until, finally, it’s my turn. I have no clue what each of the band members say because my eyes are focused on the lead singer. He’s been staring back at me off and on during the entire Meet and Greet, but since I got up near the front of the line, his gaze has been constant.

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