Promise Me (Rivers Edge Book 3.5)(7)

By: Lacey Black

“So, married, married, and engaged. What about you? Are you married or engaged?” Jase asks, trying his best to pull off casual, but it comes off slightly overzealous.

“No,” I manage to respond only a fraction of a second before the man from earlier walks up and interrupts us.

“Jase, time to go on,” he says with a slap on the back.

“Thanks, Phil,” Jase responds and turns his attention back to me.

“Well, we better get out to our seats,” I finally say as I stare back at green eyes.

“I -” he starts and then stops. “I was wondering if you would come backstage after the show and hang out for a bit,” he finally says in one quick breath. I notice he’s holding his breath as if nervously awaiting my answer.

“Um, maybe. I’d have to ask my friends,” I reply, looking around for my friends who are making their way towards the exit leading us back the way we came.

“Just….just don’t leave tonight without seeing me first,” Jase says as he grabs a hold of my hand. It starts to shake as he brings it up to his mouth and places a gentle kiss on the top of my knuckles. “Please. I want to see you again,” he says with one last kiss on my knuckles.

I inhale quickly at the contact of his lips against my skin, eyes wide as I watch helplessly. I feel his warm breath fan against my hand and wonder what that breath would feel like fanning against my neck, my lips, and maybe even other places. Holy crap! Down girl!

“Okay,” I finally say, struggling to get the words out over the lump in my throat.

He gives me a small smile. Not the cocky, arrogant smile that you see in the magazines or on television. But another of those sincere, happy smiles. This smile makes my stomach do a swan dive and start the backstroke.

He finally releases my hand and slowly backs away towards the door, the same way he entered to room. Our eyes remained locked until the last possible second before he exits the room entirely, leaving me yearning and longing for his return.

“Wow. You just had some sort of crazy moment with Jase Bentley,” Avery says behind me.

“Seriously. That was hot. I was waiting for your clothes to magically fall off while observing that,” Josselyn adds with a smile.

“Definitely. You were having hot eye sex, and now I feel like I need a cigarette just from watching,” Erin says with a giggle.

I turn towards my girls and give them a dramatic eye roll. We all link arms and head back out into the arena to find our seats. Our seats are front row, dead center. When I leave tonight, I’m giving Maddox Jackson a huge kiss. Seriously, these seats are amazing. Everyone is on their feet, standing and cheering as the lights go dark. Through the minimal lighting on the stage, you see the boots of the band members walking onto the platform, taking their designated places within the stage. The crowd around me is deafeningly loud. Josselyn is jumping up and down, screaming her beautiful little head off next to me. I can’t help but look down at our tightly gripped hands. Her excitement and energy and that of the entire arena around us courses through my fully charged body.

The lights suddenly flash. Smoke rises from the depths of the stage. Bursts of fire shoot from the cannons. Drumsticks countdown the beat. Guitars strum the first few notes of their first single, “Fire”.

And, finally, Jase Bentley walks on stage.

Chapter Four


I could do without the smoke and the fire, though I understand the significance of it, especially since our lead song is “Fire.” I walk up to the microphone, center stage, and grab the guitar hanging from my neck. I scan the crowd quickly but with the blinding beams of the spotlights, I can’t see past the first few rows. But, I do see the most beautiful pair of hazel eyes staring wide-eyed back at me from the middle of that front row. The screaming fans, the blinding lights, the music around me fades away until it’s just us. Me and her. Holly. Hell, I don’t even know her last name, but I will. By the end of the night, I will know her last name, her phone number, and so much more.

I belt out the lyrics I’ve known by heart since I wrote them eight years ago. I sing the words that are like second skin to me, singing for her and only her. I keep my eyes locked on hers as I belt out the words, line by line. My fingers strum my guitar completely on their own. Hell, they know exactly what to do.

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