Promise Me (Rivers Edge Book 3.5)(8)

By: Lacey Black

“I’ll burn it down, I’ll bring you down, down to the ground, until you feel my flames, my burning desire, and you and I will be on fire.”

The crowd goes wild, singing along with each word that pours from my mouth. But I’m completely lost in one particular mouth. I watch helplessly as I’m pulled into the depths of those hazel eyes, her delicious mouth moving as she sings along. She knows the words. Hell, everyone in the country knows the words to this song, but watching her sing these words is like I’m hearing this song for the first time.

The dramatic chords fill the arena as the song nears the ending. My eyes still glued on the only eyes I want to see as I sing, “You do this to me, your touch is my desire. There’s no way to save me, I’m burnt by your fire.”

The lights fade as the electric guitar and the drums finish out the final few notes of the song. The crowd goes wild, eagerly anticipating what song is next. All I want to do is finish this show so I can get backstage. Back to Holly.

We play a few more of our hit songs before I finally step up to the microphone and acknowledge the crowd. “Evening,” I say as the spotlight drowns me in light. “Everyone havin’ a good time?” I ask and throw them my trademark smirk. The crowd erupts in another ear piercing cheer. “Glad to hear. You know, we’re excited to be here tonight in St. Charles, Missouri.” Again, the crowd goes wild at the acknowledgement of their hometown. “And I have a special friend in the audience tonight who is celebrating her birthday. So, this next song is for Avery and her friends who are together celebrating tonight.” I wink down at the ladies in the front row. Their eyes are all round with shock, mouths hanging open with surprise and excitement. Holly looks absolutely fucking adorable as she stares back at me from the front row. I have a few things I’d like to do to that sexy little mouth of hers. Hell, what I’d do to her mouth is only the beginning. But, right now, I have a show to continue and a few more songs to sing so I just grin down at her like an idiot and pray that she can’t read my dirty mind.

An hour later, we step off the stage after a quick wave to the crowd and prepare ourselves for the encore. I grab the towel and wipe off my sweaty face, turning to scan the small crowd backstage for Phillip. When I finally spot him with his hand resting on the hip of some too-young woman with her fake tits in his face, I quickly make my way to him.

“Hey, I need a favor,” I say as Phillip turns his attention from the cleavage to me.

“Hey! Great show, man. I’d love for you to meet Monica,” he says with a big toothy smile. Monica steps forward away from Phillip’s hand and slides her fake boobs against my chest.

“Hi, there,” she purrs as she winds her arms around my neck.

“Yeah, hi. Listen, Phil -” I start but am cut off.

“I hope it’s okay if I keep you company tonight,” she coos so sickly sweet I think I have a cavity.

Unfortunately for her, I don’t have time for her brand of shit. “Not now,” I grind out through gritted teeth. “Phil, those four girls who were backstage with us before the show, I need you to go get them. Bring them backstage after the show.”

“Four girls?” Phillip laughs. “You dog, you!”

It’s such a stupid comment that it doesn’t even warrant a response. The guys are heading back onstage for the encore. “Don’t let them leave, Phil. I mean it. Bring them backstage to me,” I say as I disengage myself from the blond tramp rubbing against me like a cat in heat and turn to walk back onstage.

“But what about Monica here?” Phillip hollers behind me.

“Entertain her yourself,” I throw over my shoulder without even a backwards glance.

I step back onstage to start our three song encore, hoping that Phillip does his damn job and brings Holly and her friends backstage following the show. My eyes seek her out completely on their own as if she’s a target and my eyes are heat seeking missiles. I find her right where I left her, smiling and laughing with her friends. She looks so carefree and happy. I envy her. What I wouldn’t give to feel like the old Jase again. Let go of the inner demons that taunt me; the ghosts that haunt me.

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