Promise Me (Rivers Edge Book 3.5)(9)

By: Lacey Black

I’m just finishing up the final song when I catch movement of a security guard heading towards her. Good.

Now to just finish my job, smile for a few photos, and head backstage to meet up with Holly. It’s strange, you know? I’ve known her for five minutes, but it feels like I’ve known her a lifetime already. I feel different when I’m around her.

Like I can be myself.


Chapter Five


Some big burly mammoth of a man pushes his way through the throngs of people down the brightly lit hallway and into the large backroom. There are a handful of people milling around, drinking beers or whatever hard liquor fills their plastic cups. I scan the room but don’t see any sign of Jase or the rest of the band.

“What are we doing here?” I ask quietly to myself.

“Well, I think we were summoned by the God of Rock,” Avery says with a sassy smile. “Relax. You’re acting like you’ve never talked to a boy before.”

“Boy? Yes. Rock God? No. This is crazy, Avery. What could he possibly want to talk with us about anyway? It’s not like we would have anything in common. He’s him, and I’m me,” I mumble under my breath, not really wanting to draw attention to myself. The women back here are beautiful with long, bare legs and perfect hair. They probably spend more money in one trip to the salon than I make in a week at the hospital.

“Don’t be silly, Holly.”

“But, we probably need to get back. You and Joss have babies at home waiting for you.” Excuses, yes, I know. I’ve got more in my back pocket ready to fly on a whim.

“I just got a text from Maddox a few minutes ago and the kids are sleeping. Everything is fine so stop trying to conjure up some silly excuse to leave,” Avery replies.

“But, -” I start, but am cut off by the feisty blond in front of me.

“No buts. Jase freaking Bentley invited you - us - to come backstage and hang out for a little bit. So pull up your big girl panties and suck it up,” she demands sternly. “Wait, you’re wearing cute underwear, aren’t you?”

I sigh and roll my eyes at my best friend. “Of course I’m wearing cute panties. I was considering going over to Paul’s after the concert.”

“Paul’s? Why?” Avery asks as she grabs a bottle of water from the large tub filled with drinks and ice.

“Well, if you must know, we’ve been seeing each other for a few weeks and I know he’s been anxious to get horizontal. I thought maybe tonight I’d stop by and surprise him,” I say in a quiet voice as I watch Josselyn and Erin retrieve drinks from the tub and continue their wedding talk.

“There’s a reason you haven’t gotten horizontal with him yet, Holly. Don’t waste your time on him. It’ll probably be bad anyway. You know, like ‘file your nails or mentally make your shopping list’ bad,” Avery says between swigs of water.

“You’re probably right,” I start to reply when my spidey-sense starts to tingle. Well, more like my girly parts start to tingle. I swear I can sense his presence before I even catch sight of him, but I just know. Jase is in the room.

“Ladies, thanks for coming back and hanging out for a bit,” Jase says from behind. The hairs on the back of my neck stand up and my body is instantly covered with goose bumps from the sheer closeness of his body and the deep timber of his voice. His voice sounds like sex. Again with the tingly girly parts.

“Hey, thanks for inviting us back here,” Avery says.

“Yeah, I’ve never been backstage before,” Erin adds.

“Do you ladies need anything to drink?” Jase offers as he reaches in the tub and pulls out a bottle of water.

Since I’m the only one without a drink, Jase hands me a bottle of water before reaching back inside and pulling another out for himself. He takes long, gulping pulls from the bottle. I watch his Adam’s apple bob up and down with each swallow. I instantly want to step forward and run my tongue up that neck, tracing the long column of smooth skin with my tongue, maybe even sucking on that Adam’s apple. Get a fucking grip!

“So,” Jase starts as he leads me towards a quiet corner of the room. I check over my shoulder and see Avery, Erin, and Josselyn all talking to the rest of the band members who just blew through the door. “How’d you like the show?”

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