After the Ex Games(6)

By: J. S. Cooper & Helen Cooper


“I’m sleeping, Brandon,” Katie mumbled as my fingers played with her breasts.

“That’s okay,” I whispered into her ear and pulled her back towards me so that I was spooning her.

“You’re so bad.” I felt her push her ass back into me and I smiled.

“That’s why you love me, right?” I bit down on her earlobe and continued squeezing her breasts through her thin cami top.

“I love you because even though you are a sex-craved maniac you are still the sweetest man I know.” She yawned and grabbed my hands. “But right now, I want to sleep.”

“You don’t want to sleep.” I kissed her neck and ran my fingers down her stomach to her panties. “You want to scream and cry out.”

“Are you planning on playing a horror movie?”

“Funny.” I slipped my fingers into her panties. “Very funny.”

“Oh, Brandon.” She groaned and squirmed against me. “I’m sleeping.”

“I don’t mind.” I laughed and buried my face into her hair so that I could breathe in her smell and essence.

“You’re a bad boy.” Her fingers grabbed my hand. “Such a bad boy.” She pushed my fingers against her clit and moved them back and forth gently. She opened her legs slightly and I grinned.

“That’s why you love me.” I sank my teeth into her neck while my fingers played in her wetness.

“You’re going to wear me out.”

“I didn’t think that was possible.”

“Everything is possible.”

“That’s true.” I closed my eyes and continued to kiss down her shoulder. She was correct of course. Everything was possible. The thought saddened me. In this moment, I felt like nothing could ever break us or come between our love again. I felt like we were made for each other, and this moment was just one of many that cemented us to each other. Unfortunately, that thought didn’t take into account the fact that there were still many things that Katie didn’t know about me. Things I was deeply ashamed of. I’d hurt people I could never expect forgiveness from. Once all of that came to light, this moment would be but a distant memory.

“Are you going to make love to me or not, Brandon?” Katie turned around and smiled at me. “Or did you fall asleep?”

“I was just thinking.” I stared into her eyes, not quite believing that this beautiful woman was here with me. My breath caught in my throat as I stared at her. I loved her so much that I felt like my heart was going to break just from being so full.

“I’ll be on top then.” She grinned and sat up.

“What?” I frowned, not sure what she was talking about.

“Weren’t you thinking about what position to make love to me?”

“No, never.” I grinned back at her. “I’ll have you in whatever position you’ll take me.”

“I guess right now I’ll be taking you.” She bent down and kissed my stomach. Her lips trailed down past my belly button and to the top of my boxers. She pulled my boxers down and her lips descended onto my cock as if they were made to give me pleasure.

“You know how much I love you right?” I whispered down at her, and she looked up at me with sparkling eyes as she continued to suck me. Her fingers reached under and started playing with my balls as she continued to take me deeper into her mouth. “Oh my.” I closed my eyes and grunted as she bobbed up and down and started sucking the tip of my penis.

“Is that all you can say?” She giggled as she moved on top of me. I watched as she moved her panties to the side and guided my cock inside of her. “Oh shit, oooh,” she moaned as I entered her wetness.

“I guess you weren’t that tired.” I raised an eyebrow at her as she started moving back and forth on top of me.

“Ssh.” She grinned down at me and closed her eyes. I grabbed ahold of her hips and guided her up and down on me.

“Don’t stop,” I grunted as her walls tightened on me. “Don’t stop.” I could feel her slick wetness covering my hardness and it felt like heaven.

Being inside Katie made me feel like our two bodies were one. I could feel her body trembling slightly as she moved up and down on me, taking my cock as deep into her as she could. Our eyes met and she smiled down at me seductively, her eyes half closed.

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