RUSH (Montgomery Men Book 1)(3)

By: C.A. Harms

As the limo slowed to a stop just under the awning of our extravagant home, I tried to make peace one last time. “I’m sorry if I did anything wrong. I didn’t mean to embarrass you.” My voice vibrated with fear even though I did all I could to hide it.

When the door to the limo came open, my entire body jerked in response. I was rooted to my seat, afraid to move as I tried to hold back the tears burning my eyes. Crying only made things worse because Jase truly enjoyed my fear. He enjoyed provoking then enhancing it until I cowered and begged for mercy.

When Jase stepped from the limo and stood outside the open car door looking back at me with his darkened eyes, I knew stalling would only make things worse. So after taking in a shuddering breath, I slowly slid toward him. He took my hand and helped me from the car, then led me toward the door. He didn’t even glance back at the driver, desperate to get me inside and show how displeased he was with me.

“I’ll see you in the morning, Paul. Have a nice night,” he told the chauffer dismissively as he continued to drag me inside.

Once the door was shut, he pointed toward the stairs without speaking a word. Feeling trapped and bound, I walked up the long, winding staircase that led to our massive master bedroom, which was the size of most single family homes. It should have been a safe haven, but it now held so many memories of terror that its mere existence made me shiver.

When I met Jase, he was the most amazing man. He was gentle and adoring and made me feel treasured and protected. But that shifted soon after we were married and he gained control of my father’s medical and financial choices. That was what he and his father did. They swooped in, played the hero, and treated you well until they had you in their hold without any way of escaping.

Not only had he done a great job of fooling me, he fooled my father too. But even after I found out what type of man I had married, I kept that knowledge from my father. His health was far too bad to pile that type of worry on to him. In my father’s eyes, Jase protected me and I had the life he’d dreamed of me having. My father would die with that image. I wouldn’t break his heart.

I stood in the center of our bedroom on shaky legs with my back to the door, waiting for the punishment I knew was coming—a punishment for my unknown crime. Sometimes I believed Jase made up my transgressions just so he could discipline me for them. He was a sick man with a darkness inside of him that terrified me. I would never understand how anyone could instill such fear into another and feel pride in doing so.

The click of the door shutting, followed by the flip of the lock made my stomach drop.

“Turn around, Kinsley,” Jase said with a raspy edge to his voice.

It took everything inside me to face him. I had grown immune to most of the things he put me through daily, but the buildup terrified me. The ugly names he would call me while laughing because they amused him, no longer bothered me. The way he made me feel less than presentable even though I’d spent hours preparing myself before we went out, no longer made me feel inadequate.

He would compare my breast size and the curve of my ass to other women’s, tearing me down slowly, stripping away my confidence piece by piece. He would even go as far as to say that he should force me to watch another woman please him, because I could learn a few things in that category. He never once considered that our poor sex life could be related to the abuse he put me through. Having him touch me was the worst form of torture. The feel of his hands on me made my skin crawl.

“Did you enjoy dancing with him?” Jase asked as he stepped closer and traced the shoulder strap of my dress with his finger. Before I could answer, he hooked his finger beneath it and pulled it to the side, causing my dress to sag. “The feel of his hands on your skin, his body pressed firmly against yours. Did you like that? Flaunting yourself to him, daring me to stop it?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I had danced with a few men that night, but only because Jase had insisted. He did this often, forcing me to do things and then punishing me for doing them. Every day of my life was a no-win situation, and there was truly no escape.

“You know exactly what I’m talking about,” he insisted, and from the look on his face, I knew better than to argue. “Isaac Jacobs, he’s always had an eye for the finer things in life. He’d love moving in on something of mine. Getting a piece of you.” He trailed the tip of his finger along my collarbone and the base of my neck until he reached the opposite shoulder. “Is that what you want, Kinsley? To know what it’s like to have him touch you? To taste you and move inside of you?”

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