RUSH (Montgomery Men Book 1)(5)

By: C.A. Harms

But in the end, they played us both.

Now I was trapped, because my father needed the money and the connections they continued to offer.

He was in a facility in the city, and Jase made sure I rarely got to visit him, but I had peace of mind knowing his health was being taking care of. And when Jase arranged for us to visit, I spent hours with him. Dad would ask about my life, and I would tell him the fairy-tale version. I always felt guilty for lying, but telling him the truth would have been even harder. I didn’t think he could handle it either.

Lately the visits with my father had grown even scarcer. Each time I mentioned wanting to see him, Jase redirected the conversation without letting me know when he would grant me another visit.

Meanwhile, I was trapped inside a home filled with people on my husband’s payroll. They each watched me as if they were waiting for me to make a wrong move so they could run and tell Jase. My cell phone was a privilege reserved only for when Jase was around. He monitored my calls, which was easy because I had no one I could truly call. I had lost all my friends after we were married, due to the fact that Jase demanded I always stay by his side, so I had little time to spend with them. Now I understood that was the way he’d wanted it. I had no car, because Jase’s driver took us everywhere, and he knew taking me anywhere without direct approval from Jase would only end in his termination, and worse things, I’m sure. So he didn’t dare cross my husband.

No one would.

“Put this one on,” Jase said as he lay a red dress with a plunging neckline across the end of our bed. “It shows off your best assets, and tonight I need them on display as a distraction.”

Once again he was going to use me to manipulate the people around him, only to punish me for it later.

He turned around and walked toward the bathroom, leaving me alone to dress. I had no choice in the matter. If I argued or chose something a little less provocative, he would make me regret it. The contours of my breasts would be impossible to hide in it, but that was exactly why he had chosen it in the first place. My hands shook as I picked up the dress from the bed and carefully lifted it up to slide it over my body.

I was in the process of adjusting my breasts when Jase emerged from the bathroom and stepped up behind me. I tensed when he placed his hands on my hips and pressed his body close to mine from behind. I held my breath, unsure of his next move. Not knowing when he would strike was almost as awful as the actual event.

“You always smell so good,” he whispered.

On very rare occasions, Jase said something that reminded me of the man he used to be. Only those comments and sweet words no longer meant anything to me. I knew it was just his way of ensuring I would continue doing as he ordered.

“Thank you,” I said, still frozen in place, afraid to pull away and continue getting ready.

“After I secure this deal and everything’s settled, I think you and I should take a little trip,” he whispered against my ear. “I think it would be good for us.”

Tears burned my eyes at the thought of him taking me away. Most women would love to have their husbands surprise them with a whirlwind vacation. For them, it would be a time to rekindle the old flame and devour one another for days without any form of distraction. But to me it just sounded like another form of torture.

“Yeah,” I said in return, and he seemed pleased as he kissed my neck and stepped back, creating some much-needed space between us.

For the next two hours I stepped into the role Jase needed me to take. I wooed the businessmen and complimented their wives. I oohed and ahhed over my talented husband’s accomplishments, but on the inside I just felt dirty. I hated lying to these people, because Jase would fuck them over later, and it would be partly my fault.

Knowing that made living with myself even harder.

They would entrust Jase and his father to invest their money, believing that one day they too would have millions. But they would only be giving the Hellman men the power to rule the rest of their lives. Yes, Jase and his father made them money, but they did it illegally. Most people had no idea what their funds were being used for, and when they had realized it was too late. The Hellman men held their illegal actions over their investors’ heads, and they became fearful of prison time, or worse, for being accessories. So instead of turning Bruce and Jase in, they remained quiet.

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