RUSH (Montgomery Men Book 1)(76)

By: C.A. Harms

As if all those things weren’t enough, Ashton had also found the location of my father’s grave. I knew nothing I ever said or did would repay him for his generosity and his love, but I would forever be thankful for them. In fact thankful wasn’t a strong enough word, because I now had a place to visit my father. A place to go when I needed to share my happiness with him.

A loving father, husband, and friend.

A man who will always live on in the hearts of those he touched.

Ashton chose those words when he ordered a headstone for my father’s plot. They couldn’t have been more perfect than if I’d chosen them myself.

Ashton was perfect. I felt like my father handpicked him for me without even knowing him. My parents would have adored him just as much as I did.

“Thank you for this,” I said as I turned to face him. “My love for you will never fade. It only grows stronger each moment we’re together. I could never express just how much what you’ve done for me and what you’ve given to me means. Nothing I could say would be enough.”

“I’d do anything for you, baby,” he whispered. “There are no limits to what I would do for you.”

I knew he was speaking from the heart. I didn’t think anyone or anything could stop Ashton from protecting me. I finally had the opportunity to live the life I’d always wanted, one full of happiness and success.

I took Ashton up on his offer to work for Montgomery Enterprises. Only I didn’t work side by side with him in a desk parallel to his own. He was a caveman like that.

Instead I was finally able to put my marketing degree to use, and after some heavy work and long nights of planning, I launched a new form of attack for Ashton. Not that his business was lacking in any sense, but he gave me free rein to use my skills. The Montgomery Foundation would help abused women and children find new beginnings.

I never felt more accomplished, and I’d finally found peace.

The End

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