Breaking Even (The Sterling Shore Series #5)(123)

By: C.M. Owens

Wren doesn’t waste time shedding his clothes, and I follow his lead. Instead of going with any foreplay, he pushes me up on the bed and settles between my legs.

“I’ve wanted to do this all night. Last chance to back out,” he says as he produces a condom from the pocket of his shorts that are discarded beside us on the bed, his body swaying off balance when he tries to sit back on his haunches.

I shake my head, licking my lips when I see his body fully naked and poised to take mine. Unable to look away, I watch as the rubber sheathe rolls down the hard flesh that is making me flush from head to toe.

“I want to do this,” I say in a rasp whisper.

He grins as he drops back down, putting a hand on either side of my head, and he pushes in, slowly sinking into me with a burning, stretching feel. This feels so much better than last time.

“Damn,” he murmur softly. “So good.”

I reach up to touch him just as he pulls back and thrusts forward a little harder, eliciting a moan or a whimper from me. Not sure which. I want to kiss him, but his head is back as he thrusts in harder and harder, building something inside of me like I wasn’t expecting.

I’ve had orgasms—most self-induced. But this... Something powerful is building inside me, claiming me with a power that promises I’m going to be in pain when it explodes. It takes me a minute to realize those terrible sounds are coming from me, but I can’t stop them any more than I can stop the powerful eruption that rolls through me, shocking me, my scalp tingling all the way down to my curled toes.

Wren grunts loudly before thrusting in once more, and I lay there panting as he slowly pulls out, smiling as he unsheathes himself from the rubber he’s wearing. He tosses it in the trashcan without a backwards glance and moves to put on his shorts again.

“What are you doing?” I ask breathlessly, wondering if my legs are ever going to stop shaking. I feel... boneless. Incredible.

“I have to go find Tag. I’ve been missing for a while. I’ll catch up with you some time.”

My heart sinks like a sickened rock, and I move to sit up, sure that I heard him wrong.

“You’re leaving?”

He staggers sideways, barely catching himself on the wall, proving he’s much drunker than I am.

“Yeah. Bye, Allie.”

The door shuts and a tear falls from my eyes without my consent. How could I seriously be this stupid? I knew better. Fucking knew better than to expect more, but after spending all day together, I at least expected a damn kiss after the deed was done. Or during.

Feeling used and exposed, I stand, only to feel something that only makes me sicker. My thighs are much too wet, and I rush to the trashcan to retrieve the discarded condom. To my horror, my fears are confirmed. The end is broken, meaning...

Shit. Shit. Shit.

It takes me ten minutes to calm the hell down, but I finally convince myself that there’s no way I’m pregnant. No one gets pregnant after just one time. I’ll be fine. No worries. It was just a mistake that will never happen again.

Wren Jacobs will forever be my cautionary tale when I want to trust a guy too soon or do something as spontaneous and stupid as this. He won’t be the son of bitch that ruins my life.

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