The Tycoon's Stowaway(69)

By: Stefanie London

She broke away from the kiss. ‘What needs might they be?’

‘Specific needs,’ he whispered against her ear, his warm breath sending a shiver down her spine. ‘Needs that can only be met by stubborn brunette dancers who like to practise yoga.’

‘I might know someone who fits the bill.’ She ran her hand under his T-shirt and pressed against the hard muscles in his stomach, as if memorising every ridge and detail of him. ‘But she’s pretty busy these days. I heard a rumour that she finally made it into a dance company.’

His eyes lit up and he hoisted her up in the air. ‘You did?’

The harbour lights blurred as he spun them around. The sky darkened as each moment passed. Somehow it felt as though the universe was cementing their decision to be together.

‘I did.’ She laughed as he brought her back down. Solid ground would never feel the same again.

‘I never had any doubts.’

‘You were the only one.’ She shot him a rueful smile.

‘Not true.’ He cupped her face with his hands and pressed another exploratory kiss to her lips. ‘But you do need a little help with the constant doubt.’

‘Are you testing me?’

‘Maybe.’ A sly smile pulled at his lips.

‘Well, I accept your help.’ She jabbed a finger into the centre of his chest, unable to conceal a grin. ‘So there.’

‘Chantal, I need to be able to help you. I need to be part of your life in a way that no one else can. I’ll give you everything you deserve. I’ll do everything I can to give you the life you want.’

The thumping of his heart reverberated against her ear.

‘I’m going to run the business from Sydney.’

‘Can you do that?’ Her head jerked up.

‘That’s the best bit about being the boss.’ He grinned. ‘I can do whatever I like.’

‘But what about your family?’

‘I put a call in to my father. He’s going to start sharing the load with me.’ A flash of vulnerability streaked across Brodie’s eyes. ‘‘Bout time.’

‘Really? That’s wonderful.’

‘Besides, Queensland is only a state away, and I’m sure you’ll need a break at some point. I’ll have to split my time across the two states but I know I can manage it.’ He chuckled. ‘Besides, the girls will be desperate to meet you.’

‘I’d love to meet them. I never had what you had growing up. I know your family isn’t perfect, but I’ve never been part of a family like that before.’

The idea was frightening—what if his sisters hated her?

‘They’ll love you. I know it.’ He stroked her hair, pressing his lips to her forehead. ‘But you were right to point out that I hide behind my family responsibilities. I have been hiding.’

She smiled against his chest. ‘You can’t hide any more.’

‘I don’t want to. I love you, Chantal.’

He spoke into her hair, his arms tight around her shoulders, his hand caressing her back.

Music wafted over the night air from the boat next to them.

Brodie wrapped his arms around her waist, moving her to the music. ‘And I always said pretty girls shouldn’t have to dance on their own.’

‘I won’t dance on my own ever again.’

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