Abducted for love ( Bad Boy BBW BWWM Romance)(3)

By: Amanda Horton

What was this effect these men had on her? It was almost feral. She had just about thrown herself at them across the bar. She was going to have to exercise more self-control. Flirting was fine, it was part of the job, but blatant sexual desire…she might as well hang a sign around her neck saying desperate.

Claire gripped the drinks like a barrier and placed them down in front of Jed and Lance.

“What’s your name?” Lance asked as he took the tankard from her. His fingers brushed hers and Claire felt her heart skip.

“It’s Claire,” she said smiling.

“It’s beautiful,” Jed said taking his tankard too.

Claire smiled back, feeling things stir inside that she hadn’t felt in a good long while.

Then Jed pulled out a wallet. Claire hadn’t seen that in ages. Everyone had a Pay-Chip now and cash was almost obsolete. But he held out the notes to her and smiled. She took them and made change and held it to him hoping his fingers would brush hers. He shook his head.

“Your tip,” he said and winked.

Lance chuckled and said, “I’m sure that you are a fabulous hostess Claire, and will keep the drinks coming tonight alright?”

Claire nodded. “As you say.” The brothers turned from her, though Jed’s eyes rested on her a moment longer than Lance’s did.

Claire went back down the bar to her other customers feeling bewildered and hot. She kept slipping surreptitious glances down the bar at the brothers when she was busy with other customers, unable to stay away too long. They were like a drug and after a while it began to scare her. There was something different, something intense and unfamiliar about them. They seemed hungry in a predatory way that made her want to run both to and from them at the same time. It was beginning to give her a headache.


The evening wore on and became a thick, very sticky night with no breeze to speak of. Claire was sweat soaked and exhausted by the time Charlie decided to call last rounds. Half an hour later Claire was all cashed up and out the door feeling more listless and like she’d lost something than ever before. The brothers had been the last ones out, thanking her for her excellent service and slipping her a few hundred-dollar bills as they went. Who were they? And why did she want to see them so badly again?

Claire stood for a moment outside letting the cooler night airflow over her hot skin. She wanted to take a bath for the next year. Maybe that would clear her head. Her feet ached and suddenly she realized she hadn’t eaten at all and was famished. Her apartment was just up the street and on the way was Julio’s Taco truck the perfect late night food.

She turned to her left to walk down the boardwalk passed the over-priced hotels, when she noticed movement in the dim light of a lamp. The light was flickering on and off as though the bulb was just about to blow. Under it, their heads together looking at something were Jed and Lance.

Her heart did cartwheels. Were they waiting for her? Oh God what if they were waiting for her? She wasn’t stupid. She’d lived here for a long time now and this situation seemed fishy. What were they still doing here? What were they looking at? Claire hesitated.

Newspaper headlines flashed in her fore brain. All of them recounting the tails of girls who should’ve known better, should’ve read the signs and known that their doom was imminent. Was she setting herself up to be one of those girls by wanting to blindly run off with two total strangers?

Charlie was still in Cool Joe’s. All she would have to do was go back through the doors and she could leave with him. That would be the sensible thing to do. Flirting behind the bar was perfectly acceptable. It was part of the experience and no one took it seriously. But here outside in the dark with nothing but a few yards between them… this was a different world. Claire knew too many stories, and patrons hanging around outside the bar, waiting for you, were nothing but trouble.

But they probably weren’t out here waiting for her. They were probably consulting a map since they seemed to do things old school style. They weren’t local so maybe they didn’t know where their hotel was from here. Should she offer to help them?

And if she did and that spell came over her again, and she woke up in a strange hotel room with nothing on but the sheet? Then what? Claire knew she was over thinking this. Really they were nice guys. They seemed really nice. I’m sure that’s what all those murdered girls would say, her hindbrain scolded her. The last thing Claire wanted to do was die outside Cool Joe’s. Her obituary would be the most boring ever written. Claire Sofia Underwood died outside the bar she worked at. So much potential, sadly never realized.

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