Abducted for love ( Bad Boy BBW BWWM Romance)(7)

By: Amanda Horton

“Let me go!” she yelled at him.

His hands clasped on her arms, “No,” he said and his mouth came down over hers.

At first she fought him, but he smelled of something exciting, and his body was strong and contoured against hers. His arms wrapped around her, closing her in a world of their own. She couldn’t’t fight him, she had no resistance at all. Her mouth opened to his gentle insistence and she tasted him, while fireworks went off in her head.

A sound. It was harsh and repetitive, insistent. Lance swore and she heard him get up. Had he been sitting there on the other couch the whole time? What must he think of her? She felt Jed pull away, his lips leaving hers in slow motion as though they would rather never go. He turned then, releasing her from his embrace.

Claire wiped her mouth on the back of her hand and found Lance looking at her. He had a look on his face that spoke more to hunger than the embarrassment she had expected. His eye roved over her and she looked down, feeling naked in his gaze.

Jed and Lance had both moved to the door. Jed put his eye to the spy hole and then nodded to Lance who turned the handle and opened the door.


A young man shorter than both the brothers stood in the doorway. Where they looked like they were built for strength this young man looked built for speed. He had long slim limbs with the muscles of a professional martial artist. He was wearing a uniform, the kind worn in the kitchens of some restaurants or hotels. His hair was blonde and his eyes a deep brown.

He peered around Jed and Lance and saw Claire. Then his eyes darted back to Jed’s.

“They’re here” he said sounding nervous. “I don’t know how but they found you.”

“Amsel is more resourceful than we gave him credit for” Jed said nodding. “We will have to leave. Can you get us out the back way?”

The young man nodded. “What about her?” he asked looking at Claire.

“She comes with us. It’s not a problem is it, little Wolf?” Lance barked at him. The young man snarled and for a moment his eyes shone golden.

“Just not sure a human can keep up is all, and the name’s Paul” said Paul.

“I’ll be just fine thank you” Claire said and then bit her tongue when all three turned to look at her.

Lance and Jed both looked proud, like they had expected her to say that. Then they moved into action. Lance strode into the bedroom while Jed took a bottle of something out of a bag that had been stationed by the door. It was a blue glass bottle with a cork stopper. He used his teeth to pull out the cork and then began to splash its contents around the room.

The air filled with a heavy scent of peppermint, lavender and something else that made Claire’s head spin a little.

“What is that?” she asked picking up her bag from the floor where she’d let it drop.

Lance, returning from the bedroom, two other bags in his hands was the one to answer, “Amsel uses magic to find us. This way, we can confuse his spells.”

“Magic? Seriously?” Claire said and then felt ridiculously stupid.

“Yes,” Lance said looking sternly at her and handing her one of the bags, “Magic. Carry this please, Jed will need to be free to fight, if they catch up.”

“What about you?” Claire asked taking the bag. It was a backpack and really heavy, but when she slung it on her back it seemed fine.

“Silver bullet to the left arm, I’m not as strong as I should be” Lance confessed sounding pained.

“Lance will protect you” Jed said coming up behind her. For a moment he was close Claire could feel his body heat against her again and she longed to be back in his arms, feel his kiss. But this really wasn’t the time for stupid emotions. She turned and following Jed and Paul, she headed for the door.

Paul led them down the hall and to a door marked with a no entry sign. He waved a keycard in front of a security panel and it clicked open. The stairwell inside was long and dimly lit with no windows. They descended the stairs, Paul in the lead.

“So when we get to the basement level, take the tunnel. It’s for maintenance, so should be empty. Go up it. It opens into an alley. Then you’re on your own, man.”

“Thank you, Paul” Jed said sincerely patting Paul on the back. “We are grateful.”

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