Abducted for love ( Bad Boy BBW BWWM Romance)(8)

By: Amanda Horton

At the end of the stairwell Paul said his farewell and left them. He pressed his keycard to the panel and the door opened. Jed, Lance and Claire spilled into a brick lined basement. As Claire entered she was hit by the smell of damp and mold hanging on the musty air. Then a sound ripped into the silence. It was harsh and for a moment Claire couldn’t’t place it because a sound like that should never be heard in a place like this. It was reserved for lighter, happier occasions. It was the sound of clapping.

“Well done boys, well done!” A man stepped into the little patch of light offered by an overhead bulb.

“Dieter Amsel, and cronies” Jed said pulling up short.

“Indeed. We all know each other don’t we? You have led us on a merry chase all around Europe, England and now here.” Amsel said. He was an older man, greying at the temples, but he still looked strong. His eyes were clear blue, his hair light brown and his skin pale. A livid scar ran down his right cheek from just under the eye to his chin. He wore the trench coat Claire had seen him in the previous evening, but it was unbuttoned and Claire could see a sword in a scabbard at his waist.

Behind him stood a young man, tall and muscled in black and a young woman about Claire’s own age, her hair blonde, her eyes clear blue. She was dressed in black leather too and had a set of guns holstered at her hips.

Boy they do kick it old school, Claire marvelled.

“And who is this vision of loveliness?” Amsel said looking at her.

“My name is Claire Underwood” Claire said before anyone else could say anything.

“Well, Claire I’m pleased to meet you. This is Klaus my right hand, and Elsa my daughter. Now we are all introduced. Isn’t this lovely?” Amsel said spreading his arms wide and turning a little side to side.

“What do you want?” Lance asked in a rumble that barely hid his anger. “All this standing around is tiresome.”

“I agree. So let the girl go and we will arrest you. You have so many crimes to answer for, don’t add her death to them,” Amsel said his eyes boring into Claire.

“I don’t think so” Jed said and moved like lightning grabbing Claire around the neck, using her as a shield. He dragged her a little to the left, toward the darkness. For a moment she was shocked and scared. Is this what she meant to him? But his voice came soft in her ear as his grip lessened.

He said, “Trust me.”

“Now, now Jed, you don’t want to hurt her” Amsel said his hands up in surrender, “Do you? Just come quietly and we need not spill any blood. You know you deserve to be punished. You killed humans. The Brotherhood has very strict rules about that sort of thing.”

“The Brotherhood be damned” Lance said and flung something at Amsel and his crew.

Smoke rose up around them. Claire felt Jed’s hold on her disappear as a sound like bones crunching filled the air. A big black bear ran passed her and somehow Claire knew it was Jed. She watched him go until the smoke consumed him. Then she heard terribly sounds, shouts, gunfire and the thud of a sword on brick.

A moment later a bigger black bear stepped up to her. It had blood dripping from its jaws where it held Lance’s bag. It looked at her and she saw the piercing eyes. Lance. Claire touched the thick black fur and felt its silkiness. She slung the bag in front of her and hauled herself up onto his back.

Lance ran and Claire hung on for dear life. She had ridden a pony once in her life at a petting zoo when she was about five years old and there were still things like that. This was nothing like how she remembered that experience. This was raw and primal, a beast panting and straining under her as he ran up the tunnel and out into the sunlight.


The alleyway was full of garbage and the smell of rot. Lance burst out of a round hole and cannoned down the alley, garbage flying in his wake. Claire, still clinging onto his fur, risked a moment to look back over her shoulder for Jed. But he wasn’t there.

“Lance!” she yelled. “Lance, he’s not out of the tunnel! We have to go back.”

Lance hearing her skidded to a halt and turned panting. He stood for a moment unsure than sniffed the air.

“So now what?” Claire asked sliding down off his back. “We can’t have you looking like that and running through the streets. You’ll cause panic.”

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