After the Game(3)

By: Abbi Glines

Willa turned her gaze and it met mine. She smiled. Not the flirty smile I got from most girls, but a friendly one. The kind that a girl gives a guy when she sees him as a friend and wants nothing more.

I retuned the smile and nodded to Gunner before ducking into my next class and away from their lovefest. I wasn’t a bitter person before now. But seeing them together was getting to me. Daily. It was the reason I had finally cut Ivy free. At least I had them to thank for that.

Asa Griffith and Nash Lee were sitting in their seats already. Both looked amused at something on Nash’s laptop. I headed over to them and took a seat across from Nash and behind Asa.

“Hey, Brady,” a blonde I’d seen before but had no idea what her name was said as I sat down. She did a fluttery finger wave.

“Go there for me,” Asa said as he turned to see who was talking to me. “She’s got a body. Test it out and tell me all about it.”

I could tell from here she had a large chest size. That was all Asa was worried about. I looked at him and away from the girl. She wasn’t the first female to suddenly start speaking to me. I’d been getting this all week. But I just couldn’t do that to Ivy yet. She was still showing up with red, swollen eyes.

“More to a girl than her body,” I told him under my breath.

He raised his eyebrows as if he were shocked. “Really?”

He was kidding, but it was still an asshole thing to say.

“Then you won’t care about what Nash got in his e-mail this morning,” Asa said, shooting a grin toward Nash.

I was afraid to ask.

“Hey, I didn’t ask for it. She sent it on her own,” he said in defense, as if he needed to justify whatever it was.

“But you’re sure as hell gonna watch it over and over,” Asa smirked.

Nash’s dimples popped and he shrugged before closing his laptop and stowing it in his book bag. “I’m a guy and she’s naked. Hell yes, I’m gonna watch it.”

I didn’t ask who it was because now I had a mental image playing in my head of what they were watching, and I didn’t want a face to go with it.

“Y’all seen Riley around town? I saw her yesterday with some kid in a stroller. Like a little kid. She was leaving the park.” Asa was frowning like he knew this wasn’t good news, but he thought he should share it. We all didn’t want to see Riley around. She was trouble. And Gunner was finally happy.

“Yeah, I saw her with the baby a couple weeks back. Her parents must have had another kid. Think she’s getting homeschooled. Mom said her grandmother has Alzheimer’s and her parents moved back to help take care of her.” I had come home complaining about Riley being back in town, and Momma had straightened me out real quick.

“Sucks for the Lawtons. They’ve had enough shit this month. Riley showing back up ain’t helping,” Asa said.

“I ain’t so sure I feel sorry for the Lawtons. Rich-people problems don’t really compare to dealing with Alzheimer’s,” was Nash’s response.

As much as I hated it for Gunner, I had to agree with Nash. They had their problems, but obviously so did Riley’s family. Wasn’t their fault that their daughter was a liar. I could hate her and also feel bad for her parents. They’d been through a lot too. But a new baby was a good thing. That had to have come just in time to help heal the mess Riley had made with her lies.

My Little Sister?



Rain. Seriously? It had been all sunshine when I had strolled Bryony to the park. The rainstorm came out of nowhere. And my mother wasn’t answering her phone. It wasn’t like she could leave Grandmamma at home to come get us anyway.

At least there was a cover on the stroller. I was going to get drenched when I moved out from under the minimal shade of this tree, but Bryony should stay somewhat covered.

“Wain, Momma!” she squealed, reaching her hands out to feel the drops. It didn’t seem to be a bad thing for her. She liked it. This was an adventure. I tried to think of things like this as a new memory to make. Something to experience. It helped me deal with otherwise stressful moments. Before Bryony, I didn’t think that way. I got all upset over everything. Little things were a big deal. Like not being asked to prom by the guy you wanted or your best friend flirting with your boyfriend. Drama that seemed pointless to me now.

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