Atlas (Billionaire Titans)(5)

By: Alison Ryan

Her eyes were the kind that make men lose track of their thoughts. I just gave her a nod and looked down at my phone, pretending that I had something more important to do other than stare at her perfect face all day.

After they left, I had my driver take me back to my townhouse in Dupont Circle. I’d bought it when I turned 18 and had access to my trust for the first time. It had served me well since my days at Georgetown.

Sadly, it was time to say goodbye to it. I was rarely in DC these days, sometimes I only flew in just to see Dad, so it was kind of pointless to hold onto it. It had been on the market for about a month and my realtor had a few feelers at the moment. A bidding war was fine with me but it wasn’t sold yet. For now, it was still mine.

I went upstairs to my bedroom where my laptop, chargers, and suitcase were. I quickly packed up my things and glanced down at my watch. Still had about thirty minutes before I needed to head over to The Four Seasons.

I looked into the mirror over the fireplace in my room. I looked good today. I’m over six-foot-five-inches tall so most of the time I have to get my clothes tailored for me to look just right. My hair is cut fairly short. An old habit from my Navy days.

I tried to see myself through Piper’s eyes. She’d looked as surprised to see me as I was to see how hot she’d grown up to be.

Why do I care how Piper sees me? I thought to myself. Since when had I cared what any woman thought of me? I never had to consider it. I was an ex-Navy SEAL who also happened to be the heir of a billion dollar fortune. Wondering about whether women wanted me or not was not something I ever had to ponder.

Spoiler alert: All women wanted me.

That probably makes me sound like an arrogant jerk. But it wasn’t arrogance, it was just a fact. And while that may give most guys a chip on their shoulder, I didn’t really care much about it. Because being wanted didn’t change the fact that I’d never been able to find a woman I wanted back.

I sighed. What was I getting myself into with Piper Kipton?



Emerson had my things moved to the Royal suite at The Four Seasons before we’d even arrived back in the Tesla. My anxiety had waned a small bit but I couldn’t help but feel nervous as we took the elevator up to the room.

“So, Atlas doesn’t mind staying with me?” I asked Emerson. We were flanked by two large bodyguards but neither of them could hold a candle to Atlas in height or muscle.

I couldn’t stop thinking about him, not since we’d left Old Ebbitt.

“Of course not,” Emerson assured me. “I’m sure he thinks of you like a sister.”

I cringed inwardly. That’s not how I wanted him to think of me. I certainly didn’t have any sort of brotherly feelings towards him. I never had. We’d barely been step-siblings in the short time our parents were married. He’d been in college and I was just a kid.

But really, should I have had any thoughts about Atlas? I was in a deep enough mess with one man. I didn’t need to involve anyone else in my melodramatic life. Besides, I doubted I was Atlas’s type. I couldn’t imagine what woman was, but it certainly wasn’t me. Atlas was special.

And I was just broken.

We entered the suite and I gasped. It was like something out of a movie; a sprawling living room with a large flat screen over a fireplace and a grand piano in the corner of the room next to floor to ceiling windows.

“Wow,” I said. “This is beautiful.”

Emerson smiled, “More importantly, it’s safe. The windows are bullet resistant. World leaders and dignitaries usually stay here.”

I nodded, slowly turning around to see the room from every angle.

“There are two bedrooms,” Emerson explained. “And lady’s choice of which one you’d prefer, my dear.”

I shook my head, “I’ll let Atlas choose. I’m sure both are gorgeous.”

Emerson looked at his watch, “Well, I hate to leave you but I have to fly to Sydney tonight. Hell of a flight. My men will stay here and Atlas should be here in the next half hour. Will you be okay?”

I honestly hated the thought of him leaving. No one made me more comfortable than Emerson Titan. It was a depressing thought but this man probably cared about me more than my own mother did.

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