Atlas (Billionaire Titans)(6)

By: Alison Ryan

“Of course,” I answered, waving my hand. “I mean, bullet proof glass? It couldn’t get much safer than that. This is all so much more than you had to do.”

Emerson pulled me into his embrace, “Nonsense, my child. I’m happy to do it. Now, try to get some rest. Feel free to order whatever you’d like from room service or the spa. They give a great in-room massage. I know from experience." He winked at me and I laughed.

“Maybe I’ll do that,” I said. “Bye, Emerson. Text me when you’ve landed in Sydney.”

“Oh, I will, sweetheart. You’re in good hands with Atlas.”

As Emerson closed the door behind him, I let out a breath. Atlas.

Just the thought of seeing him again made my body rigid with anticipation.

What was wrong with me? I was in hiding from a crazed mad man, my life in shambles, and all I could think about was Atlas Titan. My ex-stepbrother.

I decided I needed to get my mind off of him and everything else I was going through.

Both of the bedrooms in the Royal Suite were sensational. I was happy with either, but one came with a larger bathroom so I gave that one to Atlas. I didn’t want to seem selfish and somehow it seemed like he should get the bigger space for what he was doing for me.

I decided I needed a long bath. I could soak the aches and pains away and take my mind to another place altogether. Far from the hell I’d fallen into.



My driver dropped me off at The Four Seasons a little after three o’clock. I’d changed into something more casual; a pair of loose fitting khakis and an untucked t-shirt. The arms of the shirt were tight around my biceps, an occupational hazard I’d had to deal with since high school. I was too tall to sit comfortably in confined spaces and too muscular to fit into your average t-shirt.

As I took the elevator up to the suite, my mind drifted off to the list of things I still needed to get wrapped up with my office in San Francisco. I was head of operations for a start-up that my brothers and I were trying to get off the ground and although I didn’t have to necessarily be physically present for most things, it was still inconvenient for me to be gone for an indeterminate amount of time.

As I opened the door to our suite I’d expected to see Piper sitting on the couch watching television but there was no one in the living room.

“She’s in here?” I asked the guard at the door.

“Yes, sir,” he said. “Your father just left about fifteen minutes ago for Sydney.”

I nodded and shut the door behind me. As I slowly walked into the room I could hear music faintly playing. Curious, I peeked into the open door of one of the bedrooms. I was greeted by a perfectly made king sized bed. The music wasn’t coming from this one. I walked past the grand piano and the large sectional of the living room and across to the other room.

The music was louder now. It seemed to be coming from the bathroom. Piper’s suitcase was spilled out on the bed. I noticed the bathroom door was slightly open and before I could think better of it, I was looking in.

I sucked in a breath at the sight.

Piper was laid out in an enormous bathtub filled with suds. Her head was against the back of the tub, her long hair spilling over the side as she ran a wash cloth up and down her naked body. Her incredible body. Her large breasts dipped in and out of the water, her nipples hard and dark as she ran her hands down herself, down to her mysterious parts still hidden under the bubbles. One tan leg hung over the side, the water from it dripping onto the marble floors. Her eyes were closed as she touched herself, slow music playing from speakers above the vanity mirror in the bathroom.

I was hard as a rock as I watched her, my cock straining against my belt. I’d never seen something so erotic, beautiful, and innocent all at the same time.

As she sat up to wash her back, I saw the bruises and my arousal turned to rage. I’d never understood a man’s need to demonstrate his power on the helpless, but to think of Piper being at the hands of that kind of evil made something in my chest move.

I slowly walked away, realizing how terribly awkward it would be if she caught me spying on her. I wasn’t usually a creeper, but Piper Kipton was one of those women who it was impossible to look away from.

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