Atlas (Billionaire Titans)(7)

By: Alison Ryan

Back in what I assumed was my own bedroom, I unpacked my stuff. Not that there was much. I would call concierge in a little bit to have them pick up the clothes I was having flown over on the Gulfstream with my assistant. It wasn’t easy for me to just go into any department store and buy new clothes, everything had to be tailored and customized, so it was just quicker to have my stuff flown over from San Fran. Hopefully it would be here by evening.

Meanwhile, I waited a good hour before going out into the living room. Dad had Piper and I exchange numbers before leaving the restaurant, and I texted Piper that I was here so she wouldn’t be frightened if she heard someone roaming around the suite. She’d texted back a thank you and that she was taking a bath but that she would be out shortly.

Fuck, how badly I wanted to be watching her again, her hands drifting to the places I longed to explore. I shook my head. I had to stop thinking about her like that. Otherwise, it would make this entire ordeal even more difficult than it already was.



I couldn’t help but think of Atlas as I soaked my worries and fears away, temporarily.

It probably didn’t help that I had selected my “Sexy Music” playlist as I ran my hands up and down my body. The thought of him slowly taking that tie off and unbuttoning his shirt as he watched me writhing naked on a bed, waiting for him, had me incredibly aroused. My hands drifted down to my clit and I closed my eyes, thinking about his body above me, supported by those massive arms, his large cock penetrating me…

I came easily under the water and I almost audibly gasped his name as my iPhone buzzed on the floor next to me. I’d put it under a towel to keep it from getting wet.

My face flushed, I dried my hands before picking it up.

It was him. He was here.

Just wanted you to know I was in the suite in case you heard someone moving around. Didn’t want you to freak out. Doing work in my room.

I texted back:

Thank you, Atlas. I’m taking a bath, be out in a bit. I won’t bother you, I know you probably have a lot of work to do.

My body tensed up knowing he was so close to me while I lay here naked in the tub. I rolled my eyes. What is wrong with you? I thought. The last thing you need is another complicated relationship in your life. And this is Atlas. He’s probably seen supermodels naked and begging him for sex. He only sees you as a weird, pseudo-sister figure.

Still. Thoughts were harmless, right? I allowed my imagination to drift again along with my hands.

Once I was dressed I wandered out into the living room to see if Atlas was out of his room yet.

He wasn’t, but his door was open and I could see him at his desk typing away on his laptop.

“Hi,” I said, timidly. “I was thinking of ordering something from room service, want anything?”

He glanced over at me. “Not yet. Actually I needed to ask you a couple questions.”

My stomach dropped a bit. His tone was all business, almost like I was in trouble, and I walked over to him slowly.

“Okay,” I said. “Sure. Ask away.”

“What’s the name of your ex-boyfriend?” Atlas asked. “Dad’s on a flight to Sydney and he must have his phone off or he doesn’t have WiFi so I couldn’t ask him. Sorry to bring it up.”

I looked down at my naked feet. I really needed a pedicure, “His name is Spencer Cameron. He’s a Virginia congressman.”

Atlas’s hands froze above the keyboard.

“Spencer Cameron?” he repeated. “What do you know about him, Piper?”

The question confused me but Atlas was incredibly serious so I knew I should answer anything he requested me to.

“I know he’s a congressman and that he was born in North Carolina,” I said. “He went to the Naval Academy and then trained to be a SEAL…” My voice drifted off, a realization hitting me.

“Did you happen to know him?” I asked. “I forgot you were probably both SEALs at the same time.”

Atlas stood up and was looking out the window of his room.

“Yes,” Atlas said. “And this all just got a lot more complicated.”



Spencer fucking Cameron.

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