Atlas (Billionaire Titans)(70)

By: Alison Ryan

Escorted by Harold and two members of his security detail, we took our boat back to Ketchikan and were spirited into a private jet bound for Juneau and beyond. VZ, Johnny, and Stevie stayed with us, paying special attention to Piper. They knew she was pregnant, and they weren’t about to lose another member of our peculiar family.

“Where are we heading, Harold?” I asked as we climbed into the sky over the Alaskan capital.

“Home, Mr. Porter. According to your identification, you’re from near Charleston, correct? South Carolina?”

“Yes, but…” Harold cut me off.

“Odin’s already in Charleston, your other brothers will meet us there. A strategy session, sir. To put this entire affair to bed. Speaking of which, we’re at altitude now if you’d like to avail yourselves of the bedroom, it’s all yours.”

I rose, shaking his hand and thanking him. I took Piper’s hand in mine and we strolled to the back of the jet, our pack in tow.

I had to admit, I was angry at myself. I’d let my guard down, made myself believe we were out of harm’s way. But as long as QB was alive, we would never be truly safe.

It was time to finally settle the score of a game that had run long past overtime. And with the rage I felt over losing Ronnie and almost losing Piper, I didn’t fear for myself.

I feared for the man who was responsible. Because he was as good as dead.

To be concluded in ODIN, out this July. A guaranteed HEA, plenty of steam, a baby, and hot new Titan brothers galore…

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