Atlas (Billionaire Titans)(8)

By: Alison Ryan

I hadn’t heard that name in years, something I was satisfied with, being that the last time we’d been around one another we’d come to blows over his mistreatment of a girl.

And now here he was, back in my life, but the girl he’d mistreated this time was someone closer to me. Just knowing her ex was Spencer made me look at things differently. There was little Piper had to share with me when it came to him.

I knew Spencer Cameron all too well.

We’d been in the same BUD/S class as SEALs in training. Spent Hell Week together, watched our friends DOR (Drop On Request. In other words, quit), ringing the bell one after another that entire week until we were two of a handful remaining who could say they made it.

Our Navy careers had run parallel until they didn’t, and I was asked to do a different kind of work before finally getting out and entering civilian life once again. Spencer got out a couple years after me and entered politics, something appropriate for a slime ball like him.

He’d always hated me, never understood why a rich kid would want the Trident, but I was never one to respond to his bullshit because all SEALs want the Trident for their own reasons. The only thing that matters at the end of the day is that you were made out of something special enough to attain it. Once I made it, people didn’t give a shit that I was a Titan. They just knew I was a SEAL and that I had done all that needed to be done to make it happen. My money had nothing to do with it.

You can’t buy your way into being a SEAL. It’s the great equalizer.

One night after graduating BUD/S, I caught Spencer getting rough with a girl in an alley next to the hotel we were staying at. He’d met her in a club, and when she’d balked at coming up to his room, he got violent. I’d known he was a complete douchebag, but I hadn’t known he was capable of hurting a woman. I’d immediately punched him hard in the face, allowing the poor girl to get away from him but not before we got into a huge fight that had to be broken up by our fellow SEALs.

The thought of him hurting Piper though? I couldn’t handle it.

“How did you meet him?” I asked, trying to keep my cool.

She looked at me, her large eyes filled with tears, “We met at a graduation party my roommate threw for all of us. He was at the hotel at a different event and he saw me across the reception hall and asked for my phone number. I declined at first, he just didn’t seem like my type. And there was something off about him, something I couldn’t put my finger on.”

“You should have listened to your intuition,” he said. “Go on.”

“Well, he somehow got my number. He said he ‘had his ways.’ And after relentless calls I agreed to go out to dinner with him. And he was so charming and polite and asked me so many questions about myself…”

“So he knows you used to be a Titan,” I said. “So to speak, I mean.”

She nodded, “Yes, I mentioned that. He seemed fascinated with it but he never mentioned knowing you. He was just so intent on knowing everything about me and seemed to genuinely care about how I felt about things and what I thought. At least, he did for about a month.”

“Okay,” I said. “Then it got physical?” The thought of him touching her at all made me want to break something.

“That’s the thing,” she blushed. “This is really personal, Atlas. I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay,” I said. “I should know everything so we can have a plan.”

“Well, we couldn’t get physical,” she slowly said. “He had… issues.”

I wanted to laugh, but of course I didn’t. Spencer Cameron was impotent. It explained so much. It also thrilled me to know she’d never slept with him. I hated to admit that to myself, but it was true.

“Anyway, it was like once I knew that about him, it made him angry. And so he started shoving me around. Threatening to ruin my life and my mom’s career. Then he would apologize and send me exorbitant presents. It just got super weird so I tried to stay busy with my work at the Capitol and volunteer stuff. But he became more paranoid that I was cheating on him and seeing other men. He would somehow sneak into my apartment and when I got home…” Her voice caught. “He would ‘punish’ me.”

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