Beguiling the Earl(75)

By: Suzanna Medeiros

“It wasn’t faring well there. I assured him that you would be able to nurse it back to health.”

It was clear he didn’t realize she wouldn’t be able to do that. “The light isn’t any stronger at Overlea Manor. The conservatory has the same large windows as those at the orangery. If we keep it there, the tree will eventually go into decline. We will have to find another home for it.”

“I never intended for the tree to go to your sister and brother-in-law.”

There was a gleam in his eye and her heart rate sped up. “But your estate—”

“Doesn’t have a conservatory, no. But I have made arrangements for an architect to visit within the week. I plan to put in a proper greenhouse. Of course, my future wife will have the last say about its design.”

She squealed and threw herself into his arms, no longer caring that her sister and brother-in-law might walk in at any moment. Kerrick clearly felt the same way because when she lifted her face, eager for his kiss, he accepted her invitation. And this time he didn’t hold back from showing her just how much he’d missed her.


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