Belong to You(10)

By: Vi Keeland

Even though he said it in jest, I knew he wasn’t really kidding. I grabbed my bag and went quickly to the door. I opened my bag to put my room key in and a dozen condoms that must have been crammed in came popping out.

“I am going to kill Sienna.” I was completely flustered and embarrassed.

“I’m going to thank her.” Jack smiled a full smile and took my hand to lead me to dinner.


I was a little nervous that dinner would be awkward because we both knew what was going to happen afterward. But it was just the opposite. Our conversation flowed so freely; it was hard to believe that we had only met yesterday. We talked and teased and laughed all the way through dinner and drinks. He ordered us a dessert I had never heard of with two spoons and I noticed that the waiter and most of the staff all seemed to know him by name.

“Do you come here often? Everyone seems to know your name.”

“Question number two. Yes, I come here a few times a year. It’s one of my favorite hotels.”

“That isn’t really a personal question, I don’t think I should get charged for that one!” I pouted.

“Asking a person where they vacation qualifies as a personal question.”

“Fine. But I want it noted that I used that one under protest.”

He pretended to be serious, but I saw the corners of his glorious mouth twitch upwards. “So noted.” A pause, and then, “My turn. Are you on birth control?”

“Question number 3. You are going to cash in all of your chips before the end of the game, if you aren’t careful.”

Both his eyebrows arched in surprise and he smirked, but waited for my answer.

“Yes, I’m on birth control and I just had a physical last month. I’m clean. I thought I might save you a question and throw in the second part for free.” I arched one eyebrow and smirked back at him. “My turn. When…” I started but was quickly interrupted by Jack.

“Save the question, I’ll donate the answer. Physical. Three week ago. Clean as a whistle. Plus, I’ve always used a condom.”

“Always?” I assumed he was exaggerating.

His face was serious. “That one’s gonna cost you. Question number 3. Every. Single. Time.”

I was intrigued and starting to get turned on. It wasn’t typical first date conversation, but yet it seemed oddly normal to have the conversation with him. “And you want your first time without one to be with me?”

“Question number 4. More than I’ve ever wanted anything.” He ran his fingers through his sexy hair. Jack had the type of hair that looked like he just had sex and I was more than a little jealous that it was his fingers delving into his hair, and not mine. But I was glad to see that he had a tell, the first sign that our conversation was starting to affect him too. He caught my eyes, “I want to feel every bit of you. Then I want to pump myself into you so far that you can feel it seep deep into your body.”

Oh. My. God. I had to recross my legs and clamp my thighs tightly together to keep my body from responding to just his words.

“Are you wearing underwear?” His voice was low and raspy. I heard the desire pour from his words.

“Question number 4.” I bit my lip and hesitated for a brief second. “No.” I barely finished my word when Jack had lifted me up and out of my seat and grabbed my hand heading for the door. We passed the waiter bringing out dessert as we flew by him.

“Put it on my room, Eduardo.” He yelled to the poor confused waiter without slowing down his pace. I had to practically run behind him just to keep up with the pace that he was dragging me at.


I struggled to keep up as we weaved through the hotel hallways. We arrived at the elevator and neither of us said a word as we got in, finding an older couple already occupying the car. Jack stood close behind me and inserted a room key into the control panel, wrapping his arms tightly around my waist as the car began to travel.

I could feel my heart beating out of my chest and I was certain that the couple next to us could too. The car stopped to let out the couple and the tension grew as the doors closed leaving us alone in the car. Jack pushed a button on the panel and I felt his mouth on my neck from behind me. His wet full lips kissed and sucked at the tender spot between my neck and shoulder. A small moan escaped my lips and he responded by pressing my front up against the mirrored car wall. The palms of my hands were spread wide against the cold hard mirror and my face turned to its side, the cold not helping to reduce the heat in my body. He kissed my neck, tracing his tongue up from my collarbone to my ear. I could feel his arousal as he pushed his front gruffly into my back, cornering me in between his hold and the wall.

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