Belong to You(2)

By: Vi Keeland

Sienna smiled and took one of the drinks and held it up, offering cheers back to the smiling man. Even thought he was across the room, I could see he was handsome and had a damn sexy smile. My eyes scanned the table he was sitting at, and I almost gasped at what I took in. Damn, they were all handsome, one better looking than the other. They looked like they could have been traveling for a rugby tournament, or a Calvin Klein underwear photo shoot perhaps. I was grateful for my tan skin at that moment, so no one would see me blush.

Sienna clinked her glass to mine and said loud enough for the table next to us to hear “Remember, we should do lots of fucking on our honeymoon baby!” I choked on my drink before we laughed together like we were back in third grade.

Our dinner was just being served when I saw the boys club began to make their way out of the restaurant. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one to notice their departure; they seemed to have the attention of half the restaurant. The eye-catching group attracted a lot of attention by being rowdy, handsome and drinking a lot. The smiling man that had sent over our drinks stopped by our table with two of his friends on their way out. “I hope you ladies are coming down to the bon fire tonight that the resort is throwing.” His dimpled smile made his face even more handsome.

“We are.” Sienna raised her eyebrows and smiled up at the man. “And thank you for the drinks, they were delicious.” Her response was more of a purr than a statement. I had forgotten how good at flirting she was, it was second nature and she had the ability to make anything sound teasing. I was pretty sure she could ask a man walking by for the time and he would think she wanted to sleep with him.

“You’re very welcome. You know, this may sound like a bad pick up line, but you look so familiar.” His brows creased and I could see the wheels in motion, as he tried to place the face.

“Maybe we can figure out where you know me from, at the bon fire later.” Sienna raised one eyebrow provocatively.

“Sounds like a good plan to me. “ He smiled and I watched his eyes slowly drift over Sienna. But his attention was quickly called away by the rest of the boys club that were making a ruckus near the door. “I better go before the jackasses get themselves kicked out. I’ll be looking for you ladies later.”

After Sienna’s brief time as the lead singer of No Worries, people always though she looked familiar. Five years ago the band had a number one hit, then broke up due to fighting between the members, before a follow up album could be released to cement their fame. Apparently the guitarist was sleeping with the drummer’s wife and they couldn’t get passed it. Unfortunately, the group became somewhat of a one hit wonder, but people still vaguely remembered Sienna’s face. She really wasn’t the type of woman that people easily could forget.

Sienna and I played together in an all girl band in Boston for five years. We did a lot of local shows and had a pretty good following. It didn’t earn us enough money to survive, but we loved doing it and it worked for us for a while. By the time we decided to go our separate ways, I had already met Michael and started pursing a degree in music and began to grow content with my life. Sienna hadn’t given up on our dream of being a rock star, so we parted friends when she took off for New York at 21 to join No Worries as the lead singer.

After that, we talked on the phone twice a week and I went to New York to visit her on most of my breaks from school. There was definitely no love loss between her and Michael, and he made it clear that he disapproved of her partying lifestyle and didn’t like my frequent trips to New York. I sacrificed a lot for Michael over the years, giving up a lot of who I was, but never let him come between Sienna and me. She was supposed to have been my maid of honor at our wedding last weekend.

Sienna watched as the boys club sauntered out of the restaurant and then turned to me. “Syd, I think you need to pick one of those boys and get a rebound screw under your belt. What better place to do it then in Hawaii?”

“I told you, I don’t feel ready to start dating yet.” We had already had that conversation on the plane on the way to Hawaii, and I suspected Sienna had given up much too easily to have put the subject behind us.

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