Belong to You(5)

By: Vi Keeland

“Jill, huh?” Jack looked at me suspiciously.

I smiled. “I guess so, Jack.”

“What brings you to Honolulu, Jill?” He said with an emphasis on Jill, knowing full well it wasn’t really my name.

“Well, I’m on my honeymoon Jack!” I thought my answer was hysterical in my drunken state. Sienna must have too, considering she spit her drink out and almost choked on it, as she joined me in laughing at my statement.

For a split second, I thought Jack may have looked angry, but then he must have realized that we had been teasing. Sienna and I laughed our asses off, but Jack didn’t seem to find our joke as funny as we did. When we finally regained control of our giggling, Sienna looked up at Jack, who was clearly waiting for an explanation, smiled, then turned and went back to Jack’s friends.

I looked up at Jack and he was watching me, his face showed signs of his patience slipping. “It was supposed to be my honeymoon, but we broke up two months ago. The honeymoon was already paid for, so I decided to take Sienna and make it a vacation instead.”

Jack smiled, apparently content with my answer. He reached forward to the bar to grab two bottles of water. His fingers brushed mine as he handed me one, sending an electric jolt that made me pull my hand back. I looked up at him confused.

He leaned down to my eye level and looked me straight in the eyes, briefly searching for something. “I felt it too.”


A few hours later we were in the resort’s bar partying with the bachelor party and had made some new friends. The bachelor, Robert, turned out to be a nice guy, who apparently was totally whipped by his fiancé. He spent most of the night getting teased and harassed by his friends, most of who were all still single. Jack played host to the rowdy crowd and most of the staff seemed to have known him by name already.

Sienna was getting cozy with Tyler as the last of the bachelor party said goodnight, leaving just the four of us. The bartender told us he was getting ready to leave and asked Jack if he wanted the keys to lock up later. “Do you work here or something?” I asked confused as he accepted the keys.

“Or something.” Jack smiled, but offered no more information. He walked around to the other side of the bar and reached down pulling out a bottle of water. “Drink.” Was all he said as he handed it to me?

“You’re pretty bossy, aren’t you?” I knew he was right, and I needed to drink water or I would regret it tomorrow, but he didn’t offer it to me, he instructed me to drink it.

“Yes.” He looked me directly in the eyes unapologetically and didn’t waiver the entire time he opened his own bottle and drank from it.

His stare made me dizzy, but I wasn’t going to back down. The arrogant ass was starting to affect me, and it was an odd combination of being pissed off and turned on at the same time. I held his stare as I opened my water bottle and drank from it. Jack finally broke our heated gaze, and for a split second, I thought I had won our unspoken challenge. Then I watched him, as he slowly looked me up and down, his eyes taking their time as they wandered over my breasts and down my flat stomach. When he was done and had taken himself a good long look, his eyes returned to mine again. He didn’t try to hide his visual assault; instead, he enjoyed me watching him do it. I felt a throb between my thighs and shifted my legs in response to it. He caught my body respond to him and gave me a sexy wicked smile with one eyebrow arched.

“Shit, I need to go to bed.” I needed to get away from the mesmerizing man quickly before I did something stupid.

His wicked smile grew, but he didn’t respond.

“Sienna, I’m going to go to bed, you coming?” I yelled to the other end of the bar where she was snuggled with Tyler.

“I’ll meet you up there in a little bit, Syd.”

Jack came around the bar and put his hand on the small of my back. I had to struggle to keep still, as his hand ignited my skin beneath his touch. “I’ll walk you to your room.” Jack tossed Tyler the keys. His hand never left me as we walked and I wondered if he felt my skin burning underneath his big hand.

“So, Syd, or is it Jill, why did Sienna not want to tell me your real name?”

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