Belong to You(7)

By: Vi Keeland

“Mr. Cole?” I must have looked as confused as I was.

“He wrote a note, maybe this will explain things.” The waiter patiently stood waiting for my eyes to focus enough to take in the words on the page.

I opened the sealed hotel envelope and read the note. The handwriting was dark, neat and heavily slanted. Good morning Jill. Drink the tomato juice; it will help with the hangover. Take two of the pills too. Eat the eggs, you will need the energy later. The flowers made me think of you. Jack. I smiled and shook my head and directed the waiter to roll in the cart. There were two meals and an assortment of drinks, so at least he was thoughtful enough to feed us both. There was also a bottle of unopened aspirin and a beautiful arrangement of the most brightly colored wildflowers I’d ever seen.

I showed the waiter out and took a sip of the tomato juice with two aspirin. The man truly pissed me off and turned me on at the same time. It was very sweet to send me breakfast, but the note was more like an order to eat then a suggestion.

“You ordered me breakfast? It better be at least noon if you are waking me up.” Sienna groaned as she rolled over, her voice was raspy and her voice sounded like I felt.

“I didn’t order it, Jack sent it. Along with instructions to eat it.” The sarcasm dripped from my voice on the second sentence.

“Jack? Oh. Mmmmm. That man is delicious. You are lucky that I am a good friend who knows you need a rebound fuck, or I would have tied you up in the back of the bar to get first crack at that one.” Sienna got up and went to the bathroom and then started picking at some of the food on the cart. “Let’s be realistic, that man would have found you anywhere I hid you. The way he looked at you made me wet!”

I threw a pillow at her. “You are insane…what doesn’t make you horny woman!” We both laughed and then devoured everything on the cart.


By the time we made our way down to the beach, the sun was scorching hot. My headache subsided as I swam in the crystal clear water and reveled in the feel of the soft sand between my toes. I relished the feeling of the sun drying each droplet of water as I relaxed into my lounge chair listening to the ocean waves lightly crash on to the shore. The rhythm of the surf eventually lulled me to sleep as I laid on my stomach listening to the tranquil sound relaxing.

I moaned as I woke to the luxurious feel of the big hands massaging my back. I was groggy and it felt so good as my muscles relaxed under the pressure of the skilled fingers. My sleepy haze drifted, as reality seeped into my fantasy and I jumped as I realized that I was at the beach and had no idea who was touching me. Jack’s strong hands gently but firmly held me down on my stomach in the cushioned lounge chair, as I attempted to jump up. His words were low, but there was no mistaking his sexy voice. “Don’t get up Jill, I untied your top to rub in the sunscreen and you’ll give the whole beach a good show.”

“You scared the shit out of me! Do you make a habit of rubbing down strangers as they sleep?”

He leaned down close to my ear, his front pressed firmly against my back. His voice was low and velvety. “Do you really want to waste one of your ten questions on my habits for rubbing down strangers?”

Shit, I didn’t want to be, but I was instantly turned on. His voice, his confident words, and his bare chest pressed up against my back sent my body into a frenzy. My heart rate sped up and my breathing became more labored. God damn it, control yourself Sydney. “You scared me half to death.” I was hoping that he would buy into that my reaction was from being scared and not to being near him.

“I’m sorry baby.” His voice sounded sincere and I was surprised that the man apologized for anything. “Now if you want I’ll tie that string you call a top back on and you can get up, or we can both take a few more minutes to enjoy me rubbing your back some more.”

I didn’t want his hands off of me. I sighed, pretending it was a sacrifice. “Keep rubbing.”

I heard a devious chuckle before he sat back up and continued to rub my back until I was completely relaxed again. Then he tied my top back on so that I could sit up.

I righted myself in the oversized lounger and caught the first glimpse of him of the day. I had a picture of him in my head as he was rubbing me, but the picture didn’t come close to the real thing. His shirtless body was even more than I imagined. He had strong, square shoulders, toned pecs and a six pack that I thought only really existed in air brushed magazines. His dark plaid swimsuit hung low on his waist, revealing a deep v that pointed to what I imagined was probably also perfect down below. Jack stood and held out his hand to help me up.

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