By: L.P. Lovell

The main one has to be my partner Garrick who has spent many a night eating dinner alone, or going to bed alone whilst I stay up writing because ‘inspiration has struck’. He has been continually supportive and never complains, the sign of a good man.

The second has to be my Nan, who despite suggesting I get a ‘proper’ job on many occasions has been a huge inspiration to me over the years, and has always supported my less than conventional choice of career.

I’d like to thank my close friends Stephanie Logan, Lucy Kyte, Lizzy Sankey, Dulcie Patten and Caitlin Harris for their continued support and encouragement. Thank you for telling me I could do it when to be honest I thought the whole thing was terrible and no-one would ever read it in a million years. Thank you for being my proof readers and my first readers, despite Steph’s aversion to the word cock, and Dulcie’s hatred of the term ‘balls deep’. I may have been targeting the wrong demographic with you two!

Thank you to the book bloggers and the Twitter followers who have shown an interest in Besieged and read my blogs.

Lastly, I want to acknowledge my horses who have suffered days of no work, and nights being fed late because mother is on a roll with the writing and needed just one more hour.

Thank you all of you.

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