By: L.P. Lovell

Meeting my gaze, Hugo gestures with his hand, like he's having a wank. I nod my head in agreement, that woman is enough to make me explode in my pants with just a look, Christ. He tilts his head to the side. It's a 'why the fuck are you still standing there?' look.

I roll my eyes at him. Normally I wouldn't pursue a woman, but there is something different about this one, irresistible even. She’s a game changer, a rare anomaly for whom you’d bypass your own rules.

Ignoring the blonde, I move across the dance floor heading toward the bar. I instantly spot her stood at the bar seemingly alone. To say she stands out in a crowd is an understatement. There's something about her that draws your attention and then grips it… by the balls. A few men have gathered around her like vultures, but there's something about her that screams unattainable, and none of them seem to have the balls for the inevitable rejection that will surely follow upon perusal of the beautiful red head.

I approach the bar and lean against it my arm a few inches from hers. The bar maid quickly scurries over to me smiling shyly.

"What can I get you?" She asks brightly.

"Corona, please." I hand her a ten. "Keep the change." I smile and wink at her as she blushes furiously.

I casually glance over at the red head just as she rolls her eyes. I look at her questioningly and as though she can feel my eyes on her, she slowly turns her penetrating gaze toward me. Her startling eyes and close proximity cause reactions that I swear I haven't had since I was fifteen.

She's stunning, even in the darkness of the club. Her long red hair is loose around her shoulders in that effortless ‘I wake up like this’ way. Her abnormally bright green eyes are piercing almost to the point of unnerving. Her full red painted lips gently curve up in a smirk as she fixes me in her gaze, radiating an easy confidence. I smile at her, whilst subtly checking out her body.

"Sorry, they're a little shy today." She says sarcastically, gesturing to her chest. Not so much with the subtle then apparently.

I smile. "What can I say... they're very easy on the eye." I shrug and unleash the full scale ‘I‘d love to screw you' smile. To my horror she only rolls her eyes again... not even a hint of a blush. It’s almost as if she’s totally unaffected by me.

Everything about her screams untouchable, but I’m Theodore Ellis and no-one is untouchable to me.

"Your friend seemed in a hurry?" I ask easily.

"He's in the loo throwing up." She narrows her eyes slightly.

"Well in that case can I buy you a drink while you wait?" I ask smoothly. She looks at me for a few seconds, her eyes searing through me as though I were made of glass.

"No." She turns back to the bar. That's it, just no. What the hell do I do with that?!

"Really?" I smile and raise an eyebrow at her again as I step closer. Her fragrance assaults me, delicate and floral, so unlike the woman stood before me.

She leans in to me so that I can feel her breath on my neck, her lips a mere breath away from my ear. I have to suppress a groan as her tits brush against my chest.

"Really." She whispers, her tongue caressing the word and making my cock jump to attention. She leans back, a small smile gracing her lips. Oh, she knows exactly what she's doing and it is seriously hot.

My eyes flick down her body, taking in her curvy yet elegant frame. When I meet her gaze her eyebrow is cocked and her lips pressed together. I smile, enjoying her discomfort. "Perhaps I should just cut to the chase... come home with me."

She smirks as her eyes slide over me. “You really don't know when to stop do you? You see this here.” She gestures at the space between us. "This... is me not being interested."

I laugh and shrug casually. "No, this is you pretending you're not interested."

"Wow. Really?" She raises an eyebrow. "You're not my type." She quips, though I don't miss the way her eyes slide over my body again.

"I'm everybody's type." I stare her down, the air between us is suddenly tense. Electricity seems to crackle between our bodies, and I want nothing more than to rip off that tiny dress right here.

She eventually just smirks and shakes her head. "Does that shit actually work for you?"

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