By: L.P. Lovell

I flash her a smile. "Oh, I don't normally need to say anything sugar, but I like to think I'm adaptable so for you I'll make an exception."

"Do I look like the sort of woman who swoons over some cheap line from a handsome stranger?" She tilts her head, her lips slightly turned up into the hint of a smile.

"So I am handsome?" I grin.

She looks me over again. "I didn't actually say that, besides, you'd have to be something really special to spike my interest sweetheart." She shrugs indifferently. Damn this girl’s a ball buster.

"Fighting words sugar." She shrugs and looks away, but not before I see the small smile on those perfect lips and a mischievous glint in her eye.

I summon the bar maid and order two tequila shots, with salt and lemon. She places them on the bar in front of me.

I slide one across the bar to her. "Here."

She eyes me dubiously for a moment, then without a word she dips her finger in the clear liquid, just skimming the surface before tracing a line of liquid across the back of her right hand, something about the gesture is seductive to say the least.

I look up to see her watching me closely through her lowered lashes. She sprinkles some salt over the same spot.

Not bothering with the salt I clink my glass against hers before tipping it back, my eyes never leaving hers.

She lifts her right hand and traces the line of salt slowly with her tongue, before rolling the shot glass over her bottom lip and swallowing. The movement of her throat catches my attention as I watch her. Yeah, my jeans are not a comfortable place to be right now. She places the lemon slice against her lips before discarding it and running her tongue along her bottom lip. Wet dream.

"So, me, my bed. I promise you at least two orgasms before you leave." My voice is husky as my mind flashes through all the things I’d love to do to her, and there are so, so many.

"Only two? Sweetie my vibrator can do that for me. You'd have to be offering a lot more than that. I pegged you as a man of ambition." Her lips curl up in a playful smile, and if possible she becomes even more beautiful. She is pure sex and sin in all wrapped up in one seriously fuckable package.

"Oh, you have no idea. Trust me, the things I would do to you..." I slowly drag my gaze down her body. She rolls her eyes and picks up her bag as starts to turn away from me. "Let’s make it three by morning shall we?" I offer.

She laughs. "I'm walking away and that's the best you've got? I'm disappointed." She pouts before her lips pull in a wry smile.

"I do hate to disappoint." I smirk.

She steps close to me and speaks quietly against my neck. "Well then you'd best step up your game sugar. You're in the big boy’s playground now." Her voice is low and husky. She places a lingering kiss on my cheek and pulls away, raising a maddeningly seductive eyebrow at me.

"Wait. What's your name?" I say quickly before she leaves.

She smiles wickedly at me. "Thanks for the shot." Oddly I find myself smiling at her response. She winks over her shoulder before walking away.

For the first time ever, I just got rejected, and I love it.

Chapter 2- Lilly

I wake with a start when an obnoxious buzzing rings in my ear. I reach over and fumble for the alarm clock, silencing it. Wrenching myself upright, I trudge groggily to the en-suite shower. I open the door and let out a startled scream at the wet naked man that I certainly did not expect to be stood in my bathroom at this hour.

"Calm down." He drawls in his thick Australian accent. He smiles and gives me a peck on the cheek as he walks past me completely naked, towelling his messy blonde hair.

"Fuck, Cruise! What the hell are you doing here?" I snap at him.

"Um, I stayed last night, remember?" He pulls on boxer shorts completely unperturbed by my tone. My eyes wonder over his defined body. So shoot me, the man is very easy on the eye, let me tell you.

"I must have fallen asleep." I mumble. "You don't stay over." I snap.

He pulls on his jeans and shrugs. "Okay. I gotta shoot. See ya." He steps close to me before pressing his lips to my neck, just long enough to make my pulse quicken. He then steps away, winks and flashes that charming surfer boy smile before turning around and walking out the door, pulling on his shirt as he goes. Ugh men!

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