By: L.P. Lovell

Once showered and dressed I head to the kitchen in search of coffee. Bright sunshine streams through the tall windows on both sides of the open plan space, making the whole flat seem bright and optimistic this morning.

“How do I look?” Molly strolls into the kitchen looking stunning in a grey dress and a pair of black heels. Molly always has a certain grace and elegance, but normally refuses to embrace it. She has the figure of a model, long slim legs and a tiny waist. Her long blonde hair is pulled back into a sharp high ponytail, showing off her perfect cheekbones and big blue eyes. She's my roommate, well more landlord really seeing as her dad pays for at least half of our seriously pricey Holland Park apartment. More than that though, she’s one of my best friends and has been since we were five. We grew up making mud pies and teasing my brother Harry together. Good times.

"Hot." I reply with a grin.

"Good enough for a meeting with some stick up his arse designer." Molly works for a fashion magazine, despite having no actual interest in fashion, just her Internship at the magazine. As far as she’s concerned it’s just a foot in the door, but I benefit immensely from all the free samples she brings home. As you can tell, she'd rather be doing something more... stimulating.

“You look A-mazing. I totally would.” I smile. "Stick up his arse will be drooling."

“That, I very much doubt.” She grumbles.

“Both you girlies are looking fine!” George strolls into the kitchen looking his normal beautiful self. He wraps his arms around my waist and kisses my hair quickly before reaching around me to make his own coffee.

He’s wearing rolled up sweats and a tank top which reveals his defined arms. He always looks younger than his years due to his boyish blonde hair and hazel puppy dog eyes, however his broad muscular shoulders and narrow hips are anything but boyish. George is one of those guys that people stop to look at in the street.

George is the third addition to our little household. He befriended me in college where we shared several classes together and a love of dance and music. We instantly connected in a way I never have with anyone else, not even Molly. George gives it to me straight at all times, which I love about him. He's lived in London for a couple of years now, pursuing his career as a dancer, though he's taken on some modelling work to supplement his income. Dancing is a tough industry, but George is really talented.

“You’re up early.” I smirk at him. George is never up early; it’s like living with a student.

“Yeah, yeah. I’ve got an early audition.” He sits at the breakfast bar with his coffee.

“Oh, exciting stuff!”

“Oh babes, I am going to kill that shit.” He waves dismissively, grinning.

I laugh; he never fails to put me in a good mood. “You always do sweetie. Well good luck. Love you.”

“You to.” He blows me a kiss as I stand to leave.

Outside the air is crisp; I hug my cardigan closer around me and walk briskly to the tube station, my heels clipping the pavement rhythmically. I came to London two months ago for a summer internship. I went to University in Cambridge, which is a relatively quiet city, or as quiet as a city can be, it was my home from home. London seems to me like an unrelenting concrete machine, just churning out business. The people here are unfriendly, too busy caught up in their frantic lives to afford anyone else a smile. I find it quite sad and it makes me miss Cambridge, though I consider myself lucky to have some close friends in the city.

The tube is quieter than usual because I’m an hour earlier than normal. I hate the tube, it’s claustrophobic, but there really is no faster or easier way to get around London, and so I endure it.

I arrive at Circus House at ten minutes to eight. The offices of Florell and Simmons are situated in Piccadilly; it takes me thirty minutes door to door. I take an elevator up to the fourteenth floor, grab a coffee and immediately start to prepare the papers for my big meeting.

I’ve been working here for only one month as an intern. I was very lucky to get the placement; they are one of the most prestigious solicitors in London. Today my boss has a meeting with the CEO of Ellis corporate Ltd; the firm’s biggest client. He’s asked me to join him, it’s a massive opportunity and I’m thrilled he's asked me.

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