By: L.P. Lovell

“Ready to go?” My boss Josh appears about half an hour after my arrival. He’s a tall man with a kind face and is always full of smiles. I guess him to be about thirty, although it’s hard to tell as he has a dusting of grey through his dark hair.

“Sure.” I smile at him as I gather all the paperwork and put it in my briefcase.

“Now as you know, this is a hugely important meeting. This is the real deal. Simmons usually deals with Mr.Ellis himself, but this was somewhat urgent and seeing as he's on holiday I've been asked to step in.” He seems nervous as he smooth’s his tie for the third time in as many minutes.

“Yes, thank you. I really appreciate you giving me the experience.” I smile at him.

“Well you’ve been a real godsend these past few weeks Lilly. I don’t know what I ever did without you.” He gives me a huge grin.

“Thanks Josh.” Josh and I have a great working relationship; we bounce off of each other so well. I'm hoping they'll offer me a permanent position once my internship finishes.

We step out of the elevator and into a black Mercedes waiting outside on the curb. We go through a few things for the meeting, and after about twenty minutes, arrive outside Ellis Tower.

“This is it.” Josh looks very tense and serious.

The doors of the elevator ping open, the button for the thirtieth floor glowing in the vast panel of numbers.

We step out into a waiting area. The room holds an obvious grandeur. The marble floor sparkles under the spot lights and there are several white leather sofas against the left hand wall. Opposite on the right hand wall is the large reception desk, and the far wall opposite the elevators houses an enormous pane of glass; frosted into it in slate grey writing is Ellis Corporate Ltd. Various art works line the walls, mainly black and white cityscapes.

We take seats in the waiting area. Josh pulls out a contract and starts to read through it. He’s nervous, I can tell he’s desperate to impress.

“Mr Walker.” A young woman calls from the reception desk. ”Mr Ellis will see you now. It’s along the corridor, first door on your left.” She smiles politely.

“Thank you.” Stiffly he gets up and I follow.

“You ready for this?” He says as we reach the door to Mr Ellis’ office.

“I think so.” I smirk, the idea of being nervous around anyone seems ridiculous to me. I get that he's important but come on; he's still just a man.

“Don’t worry, you’ll do great.” I touch his arm in a supportive gesture and he smiles meekly at me.

He knocks gently on the door and opens it.

I look up at the man stood across the room from me and am lost for words, not something that happens to me often. He flashes me a familiar charming smile as his eyes flick down my body without apology. Oh dear god, please tell me that is not Mr Ellis. His P.A perhaps? An Intern? I'm ever hopeful, but even as I try desperately to grasp onto the notion, I know I'm wrong. The way he holds himself, his entire aura is that of power and righteousness. Suddenly everything clicks into place and his overly confident demeanour makes sense. The confidence of a man who has more money than a small country and always gets what he wants.

He's tall, over six foot easily and even more attractive than I remember. I mean I knew he was hot, but shit. I swear the man should be pictured in the dictionary next to sex.

My eyes roam his broad shoulders and narrow hips. His shirt remains open at the collar with no tie. Dear god, can the man work a suit.

I look up and study his face. His dark hair is slightly messy, his features sharp and chiselled. Full soft lips contrast a square jawline and cut cheek bones, his designer stubble finishes the look perfectly. I finally meet his eyes, they're a deep azure blue and seem to physically smoulder as he pins me with his gaze. I boldly meet his stare, his eyes are beautiful, bottomless and intense with the kind of fire in them that a woman could literally melt under. His lips pull up in a smirk and my skin suddenly prickles with heat. He may be a cocky arse, but seriously, no man should be allowed to look that good.

What shocks me more than his GQ model looks though is the power he radiates. He wears it like an impenetrable shield, palpable in every inch of his being, pulsating in those deep sapphire eyes. He looks at me as though he could physically crush me under the weight of it, and I can’t imagine anyone ever denying him anything. This may explain how the playboy extraordinaire I met on Saturday is in fact one of the wealthiest men in the country. How did I not know this? I really need to get out more.

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