By: L.P. Lovell

“Well Lilly has researched all the company liabilities.” He says turning his attention to her.

Oh great. Cautiously I turn to her; she's looking down at the paperwork in front of her. She has a pair of reading glasses propped on her head, nestled into her red locks. She removes them and places them delicately on her face without looking up. I can’t help but check her out. I thought she couldn’t get any hotter than that scrap of a red dress she was wearing on Saturday, but I have to say, there’s something about the office look. Maybe she’s just fulfilling my dirty secretary fantasy, which by the way has never been fulfilled. Her blouse is slightly unbuttoned at the top revealing just a hint of cleavage.

She clears her throat making me look up. Caught again. I flash her a small smile and she rolls her eyes. She starts to speak as her eyes fix mine in a way that has the crotch of my trousers tightening. Most people wilt as soon as I make eye contact with them; they're either infatuated or intimidated, often both. It means I always get what I want from them. She appears to be neither intimidated nor infatuated by me. The complete opposite in fact, the way she holds my gaze is verging on confrontational.

Everything about her is aggressive and assertive; I'd love to work that aggression out of her. I have a feeling she likes it rough. I’d put money on her being a scratcher.

She subtly repositions her glasses further down her nose, and looks up at me over them. Those startling green eyes study me; a small sly smile graces her lips. It’s like an unspoken invitation. It’s so hot, it’s almost predatory. My cock jumps excitedly and my heart picks up in anticipation. God, this is so not the time to be aroused, but all I really want to do is send Walker out and bend her over my desk. I realise that she seems to be waiting for a response from me, but I haven't heard a word she's said. I nod, hoping this works as some form of response.

I manage to somehow get through the rest of the meeting, but I make it quick.

Unless it's a bedroom I should not be in the same room as this woman. My brain seems to short circuit to my dick when she's around.

“It’s been a pleasure to meet you Mr Walker.” I hold out my hand and he takes it.

“I’ll contact the other shareholders and offer to buy out. As I said there are already some that are willing to sell, so I’ll draw up the papers for those and get the ball rolling. I’ll stop by at some point in the next couple of days and bring you the papers.” Okay, so apparently I've just agreed to buy a company. This is why hot women should not be allowed in business meetings, although it does make it decidedly more interesting.

“Good.” I stand, grateful that I left my jacket on this morning as it is currently covering my raging hard on.

I steel myself and turn to her. She looks even better stood up, her toned calves drop into six inch heels. They’re the sort of shoes that make you want to fuck her wearing nothing but those shoes.

I reach out to shake her hand. She takes it tentatively, eyeing me warily. It’s there again, that unique force that radiates between us. I look her straight in the eye, she feels it to, I can see it on her face.

She flashes a coy smile. “Until we meet again Mr Ellis.” She says it in a low voice, almost a whisper meant only for me. She makes it sound like a threat. Red hot desire courses through me. My cock is starting to ache with an overwhelming need to be in her. I close my eyes for a moment and when I open them again she gasps and drags her teeth over her bottom lip. Oh and she definitely wants me in her. Shit. Before I can stop myself I turn to Walker.

"May I borrow Miss Parker for a moment?" He looks confused but doesn't question it. Of course he doesn't question it. I'm Theodore fucking Ellis. He steps outside and I turn to her. She looks suspicious.

"Well, well. I didn't expect to see you here, Lilly." I caress her name. "How fortunate."

"Yes, you can imagine my shock when the firm’s top client turns out to be the perve from the bar." I laugh. I’m pleased that her knowing who I am hasn’t changed her attitude toward me.

"I'm sure, but seeing as you are here, I want your number."

"No thanks." Her lips pull up at the corners as she fights a smile. I step closer to her. She backs away until her back is against the door. I place my hands against the door either side of her head, our faces are only inches apart.

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